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AQIP Quality Checkup Visit
AQIP Quality Checkup Report
March 12-14, 2008
AQIP Checkup Guide

Federal Compliance Report

Quality Summary Report

Checkup Visit Presentations
1. Dr. Church Welcome
2. Vision 2015
3. Assessment Design Team 
3. Assessment Handouts
4. Federal Compliance
5. GLIDE Innovation Fund
6. Human Resources Design Team
7. Indicators, Benchmarking 
7. Indicators, Benchmarking Handouts
8. Academic Transformation
8. Course Redesign Handout
9. Entrepreneurship Innovation Institute
10. Six Sigma
External Stakeholder Session

AQIP Quality Checkup Visit

March 12 - 14, 2008

The Quality Checkup introduces a new type of accreditation visit, one that AQIP hopes institutions will look forward to with anticipation, enjoy while it is happening, and look back on as a turning point in their institutional quality journey. AQIP held its first Quality Checkups during the spring of the 2005-06 academic year, so these visits are still developing their full potential as both quality assurance tools and stimuli for quality improvement and organizational change.

Quality Checkups are not visits an institution can “fail” (although, like a medical checkup, they could result in uncovering problems not appreciated previously), so the climate surrounding them ought to be positive. AQIP wants the institution to perceive the team that visits as perceptive, critical, and supportive friends of the institution, people there to help the institution understand itself and take actions that will move it toward actualizing its mission, vision, and potential.

Quality Checkup visits are typically conducted by two trained and experienced AQIP Reviewers, and occupy two full days on campus, beginning at noon on Wednesday and ending at noon on Friday. (The minimum is two team members and two days on campus. For larger decentralized institutions that require more attention or face more complex issues, a larger team and more time may be needed.) The team members characteristically have had previous service as Strategy Forum Facilitators or Systems Appraisers. Whenever possible, AQIP will include the leader or another member of the organization’s last System Appraisal team as one of the participating AQIP Reviewers.

Your participation is encouraged

Once the visit schedule is completed, you will be invited to join us for review sessions.  Separate sessions will be available for LCCC faculty, staff and students.  At that time, you will be asked to return to this page to register to attend one of these sessions.


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