AQIP - Academic Quality Improvement Project

What is the Academic Quality Improvement Program?

Academic Quality Improvement Process (AQIP)

Systems Appraisal Feedback Report
from the Academic Quality Improvement Program
In response to the Systems Portfolio of Lorain County Community College
February 8, 2010
Click here to view the report

View our 2009 AQIP Systems Portfolio 

AQIP Quality Checkup Report
March 12-14, 2008

AQIP Feedback Report - March 2006

View our 2005 AQIP Systems Portfolio

Assessment Conference - November 3, 2010

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Assessment Videos

Dr. Maki's presentation at the Third Annual General Education Conference

Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
230 S. LaSalle St
Suite 7-500
Chicago, IL 60604Phone: 800-621-7440
Fax: 312-263-7462
Web Site: www.ncahigherlearning
The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools developed the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) in 1999 to provide colleges and universities with an alternative process for continuing accreditation. 

Participating in AQIP:

  • allows participating institutions to align their own continuous improvement initiatives and projects with required accreditation processes 
  • provides evidence that participating institutions meet the standards for continuing accreditation through identifying Action Projects and Stretch Targets, working to achieve the Stretch Targets and reporting the results of their work
  • provides a variety of opportunities for collaboration among participating institutions
  • encourages participating institutions to help each other achieve goals and targets through the use of on-line colloquia, forums, workshops, and the exchange of experiences and expertise
  • replaces the traditional ten-year cycle of accreditation.  AQIP is distinct from traditional models of continuing accreditation
  • enables organizations to focus on systems and processes as the basis for excellence and also for continuous improvement 

Why is AQIP important?

AQIP is designed to:

  • assist colleges and universities in excelling at fulfilling their respective missions, rather than just meeting minimum standards  
  • use a continuous improvement model to meet its own mission and values to better serve its members

Who else is participating in AQIP?

Approximately 10% of all colleges and universities accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools are participating in AQIP.  To see a full list of these go to

What is the AQIP process and timeline?

All institutions that want to participate in AQIP must:

  • send representatives to a workshop that fully explains AQIP
  • complete a campus-wide assessment using external feedback (such as a state quality award)
  • complete a formal application signed by the Chief Executive Officer
  • develop Action Projects that will help move the institution forward
  • create a cross-functional team to send to a Strategy Forum
  • present Action Projects to all Strategy Forum participants for critique and review
  • submit finalized Action Projects to the Higher Learning Commission of Colleges and Schools
  • update each Action Project yearly
  • complete a Systems Portfolio that accurately describes the organization's mission, vision, values, strategic opportunities and challenges, processes and indicators of effectiveness 

Click here for a complete description of all these steps.

Where is Lorain County Community College in this process?

LCCC has:

  • Completed its interest inventory
  • Been accepted as a full participant in AQIP
  • Engaged in the required outside assessment (the Ohio Award for Excellence)
  • Developed its initial Action Projects
  • Participated in its first Strategy Forum
  • Updated its Action Projects
  • Started its Systems Portfolio

How does participating in AQIP impact me?

Your input is vital to helping the college continuously improve.  You may be asked to help in a variety of ways.  Some of these include participating in assessment activities, completing surveys, or contributing your expertise to cross-functional teams.  For more information please contact the Coordinator of the Academic Quality Improvement Program or any of the Action Project Design Team Leaders.

What are the current AQIP Projects? 

Action Project AlphaMeasure Data and Dissemination

Project Leader and Contact Person

Sydney Lancaster
Director of Human Resources
(800)995-5222 ext. 7692

Action Project Development of a Continuous Quality Improvement Council

Project Leader and Contact Person

Shara Davis
Dean of Research, Institutional Effectiveness and Public Services
(800)995-5222 ext. 7578

Action Project Improving Assessment, Program Benchmarking, Communication and Student Engagement

Project Leader and Contact Person

Shara Davis
Dean of Research, Institutional Effectiveness and Public Services
(800)995-5222 ext. 7578

A full description of these projects and the Action Project Updates can be found by clicking the associated links above.

To see the Action Projects of other participating institutions go to At the bottom tool bar, click on Action Projects.

What is my own organizational unit's involvement in AQIP?

AQIP encompasses the entire college community.  Your organizational unit is involved in some way. Contact your organizational unit administrator for more specific information.

Who are the AQIP leaders for LCCC?

Academic Quality Improvement Program Coordinator
Shara Davis, Director, Institutional Effectiveness and Planning (IEP) (




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