Sustainability Initiatives at LCCC

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Sustainability as a Priority Initiative
Stimulate a vibrant and connected community by modeling sustainability leadership, LCCC will demonstrate leadership through institutional and regional initiatives that leverage LCCC's expertise and maximize community benefit.
Sustainability as a Value
We promote and incorporate practices that result in positive outcomes for our social, economic, and natural environments both today and in the future.

LCCC's Sustainability Initiatives

Lorain County Community College is committed to a sustainable path and has made significant progress aligned with strategic priorities and initiatives outlined in Vision 2.0.

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  • LCCC established a Sustainability Core Team in 2011 as a successor of the Green Campus Task Force.
  • LCCC joined the membership ranks for the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) in 2013.
  • LCCC in collaboration with the Oberlin Project used a standardized process to formally assess its sustainability initiatives which today serves as a baseline for continuous improvement in key Areas.  

Key Areas of Concentration
  • Energy Conservation 
  • Paper Reduction
  • Recycling 
  • Green Campus Dining 
  • Curriculum Development  
  • Governance and Policy
  • Staff and Faculty Engagement
  • Climate Action 


Progress in Recycling
 Picture of the new recycle bins from a grant from the LCSWMD

New recycle bins thanks to

The amount of waste that is being diverted from landfills and is being recycled is increasing each year. 

  • in 2012 62 tons were recycled.

  • in 2013 105.97 tons were recycled.

  • in 2014 166.92 tons were recycled.

LCCC is pleased to acknowledge support from the Lorain County Solid Waste Management District (LCSWMD) for their District Market Development Grant to purchase new recycle bins for the College Center and Bass Library as part of a High Traffic Area Demonstration Project.


Progress in Energy Conservation

 Daffodils by LED light

LED outdoor lighting was
installed in the winter of 2015

  • House Bill 251 set a goal of reducing energy consumption at college campuses by 20 percent over ten years (from 2004-2014). LCCC exceeded that goal by not only reducing energy consumption by 24 percent but also doing so when the student population grew by 12 percent. 
  • LCCC is replacing outdoor lighting to save 60 percent of the energy once used for outdoor lighting purposes and reduce the college's carbon footprint by 184 tons annually. Read more about this from a Chronicle article on the outdoor lighting project. 
  • LCCC recently updated lighting in the Ewing Center which will reduce energy use by 50 percent and increase lighting by 70 percent.
  • LCCC has meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification  for 3 buildings on campus and has renovated older buildings that would meet LEED silver ratings. LEED standards are set by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).



 The Bass Library and Community Resources Center is LEED Silver certified

 The Desich Business and Entrepreneurship Center is LEED Silver certified

 The Lab Sciences Building is LEED Silver certified


Progress in Storm Water Management

Lorain County Community College has reviewed campus operations that may impact storm water quality and has developed and implemented an operation and maintenance manual in the form of department best management practices (BMP’s) to reduce and prevent discharge of pollutants to the storm water system. Read more about the college's Storm Water Management Plan.


Progress in Education for Sustainability Program and Curriculum Development

  • Alternative Energy Technology: LCCC offers programs in Solar and Wind energy. 
    Solar energy   Wind Energy

     LCCC Solar Energy program

     LCCC Wind Energy program

  • Sustainable Agriculture: LCCC also offers a program in Sustainable Agriculture.
    Sustainable Agriculture  A Sustainable Agriculture class touring a local farm
  • LCCC engaged Faculty from the Core Team to work with Creative Change to develop a draft rubric for faculty to assess the level of integration of sustainability content in all courses based on LCCC’s definition of sustainability, general education and infused outcomes, as well as commonplace dimensions of whole-systems sustainability.


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