Sustainability Initiatives at LCCC

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A tricycle used by the college's Physical Plant

A tricycle used by the college's Physical Plant

Dr. James Beil on biking to work

1. How often do you ride your bike? To work?

Recently I got a flat tire and haven't taken the time to fix it so I haven't ridden my bike since last fall. Instead, I have been walking to work throughout the year. I intentionally looked to buy a house as close to the college as possible to allow myself that luxury.  I do enjoy riding, and I plan to get a new tire soon!  

2. What would you do to improve bike riding at LCCC?

 The most important way to improve bike riding at LCCC would be to have covered areas for people to lock up bikes to protect them from theft and from rain. Another factor that limits many riders is the danger associated with not having bike lanes on many of the busy streets in the area. If bike lanes were ubiquitous, people would be much more likely to take advantage of the health benefits of riding. 

LCCC's Sustainability Initiatives

Lorain County Community College is committed to a sustainable path and has made significant progress aligned with strategic priorities and initiatives outlined in Vision 2.0.

How can Faculty and Staff get involved?

How can Students get involved?

What to Recycle at LCCC

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  • LCCC established a Sustainability Core Team in 2011 as a successor of the Green Campus Task Force.
  • LCCC joined the membership ranks for the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) in 2013.
  • LCCC in collaboration with the Oberlin Project used a standardized process to formally assess its sustainability initiatives which today serves as a baseline for continuous improvement in key Areas.  


Progress in Key Areas of Concentration

Updating outdoor lighting to new LED fictures in order to reduce power consumption and decrease costs. 

Updating outdoor lighting to LED fixtures in order to conserve energy and reduce the college's carbon footprint. 



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