Campus Grants Program

  Campus Grants Application

Campus Grants Applications are due Monday, March 16, 2016.

Grants Guidelines and Application

Be sure to review the instructions carefully before starting your application and final report.

Click here for Guidelines, Instructions and Application.

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LCCC Foundation Campus Grants Program

Fiscal Year 2016-2017

The LCCC Foundation Campus Grants Program provides funds for unique projects that enhance teaching and learning or provide program enhancements or special services.  Campus Grants are designed to provide funding for projects or equipment that would not otherwise be funded through the College’s budgeting process.

The LCCC Foundation Board of Directors makes the final decisions as to which projects will be funded.  The Grants Committee of the LCCC Foundation Board carefully reviews each application and makes recommendations for funding to the Board.  The Foundation Board strives to fund a variety of projects that impact as many students/constituents as possible, in support of the College’s Vision 2020 strategic plan and the four cornerstones of the College’s vision and mission statements:  EDUCATION, ECONOMIC, CULTURAL and COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT.



Four Cornerstones of LCCC's Mission and Vision 

Growing jobs, building workforce, nurturing entrepreneurship

  • Example:  Entrepreneurship education 

Creating affordable access, enhancing quality, designing pathways

  • Example:  Supporting scholarships, supporting UP, supporting adult education

Inspiring diversity, enhancing opportunity, showcasing talent

  • Example:  Stocker Center, Arts & Humanities programs, expanding liberal arts programs

Bridging gaps, establishing partnerships, promoting collaboration

  • Example:  K-12 Partnerships, new learning technology resource center (library)

The 2016–2017 Campus Grant application should be completed and submitted (both in SharePoint and hard copy with proper signatures) to the LCCC Foundation no later than March 16, 2016. Any questions regarding the application form or process can be directed to Michael Morgenstern in the Foundation Office at or extension 4039.


January 2016

Application forms are available via CampusNet.
March 16, 2016 Deadline for grant applications to be submitted to Foundation Office. Hardcopy completed applications must include all required signatures in order to be considered for funding.
May 2016 Grants Committee meets to review grant applications and determine recommendations for funding to Foundation Board of Directors.Foundation Board of Directors approves the recommended grant applications.  Applicants of approved grants are given official notification of funding.
July 1, 2016 Grant period begins.
June 30, 2017 Grant period concludes.  All funds must be spent or encumbered by this date.  No extensions into the next fiscal year will be given.
July 15, 2017 Final reports are due to the Foundation Office via CampusNet. No hardcopy is necessary. 



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