High School Students Graduate with Associates Degree


Six high school students will be receiving their associate’s degrees from Lorain County Community College this month before they receive their high school diplomas. These high school students took classes at LCCC and earned college credits and high school credits through the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program. 

This year more than 1,100 high school students took PSEO courses at LCCC. Many of the students graduating agree that the PSEO program helped prepare them for college.

“My high school was not challenging me as much as I wanted them to,” said Jenna Mann from Firelands High School. “I knew that the PSEO program would be the perfect challenge for me. I knew that I would be learning a lot more at LCCC. Plus it was free.”  Mann plans on attending Ohio State University and double majoring in political science and journalism. 

Nick Arlington also from Firelands will be receiving his associate’s degree as a junior in high school and he just turned 17. “It was a great program, great experience, a great atmosphere, and it challenged me,” he said. Arlington plans on pursuing a degree in English and possibly becoming a professor. 

“I chose to get involved in the program because I saw graduating college and high school at the same time would be a major accomplishment that few ever get the opportunity to do,” said Brian Runyon from Midview High School. Runyon will continue his studies at LCCC and work on his bachelor degree in Computer Software Engineering and Technology from the University of Toledo through the University Partnership.

Elizabeth Bailey from Columbia High School feels the PSEO program better prepared her for college. “LCCC offered a greater variety of challenging classes allowing me to go far above and beyond anything I could have achieved in high school,” she said. “Some of my favorite classes have been in the honors program. I really enjoyed the small class sizes and engaging faculty.”

Also graduating this month from LCCC are Zak Ziegler from Wellington High School and Matt Deulley from Elyria High School. 

If you are or will be soon a high school student, you can also earn college credits while in high school through the PSEO program at LCCC. High school students that are looking to experience a more challenging curriculum and experience a college atmosphere can take both high school and college courses at LCCC.

Public and non-public high school students may apply for the PSEO program beginning in eighth grade for their freshman year. They must notify their high school officials by March 30 and turn in all application materials by June 15 before the academic year they wish to begin.

For more information about the PSEO program, call LCCC at 1-800-995-5222 (extension 7740) or direct at 1-440-366-7740.

May 12, 2008


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