Sustainability Day

Press Release

Posted: October 16, 2013


Lorain County Community College has planned several activities for National Campus Sustainability Day, Wednesday, October 23. The events celebrate sustainability in higher education. 

The day is devoted specifically to the achievements of, and challenges for, the tens of thousands of students, faculty and staff working to instill sustainability principles in higher education institutions and their surrounding communities. LCCC is working to model sustainability leadership by promoting and incorporating practices that result in positive outcomes for our social, economic, and natural environments - both today and in the future.

To celebrate National Campus Sustainability Day, the Beth K. Stocker Art Gallery has a special community sustainability exhibition, Sustainable Lorain County. The exhibition features art that has been created out of recycled objects. The exhibition runs now through October 28. The gallery is located in Stocker Arts Center.

Sustainable Lorain County includes costumes, sculptures, and a giant fish lantern sculpture that were made by Lorain County artists and LCCC student artists. The colorful and creative costumes on display were created by stylists and staff at A David Anthony Salon and Spa.  These stylists/artists have been turning old clothing, fabric and recyclables into fashion to raise funds and awareness for the Ohio Sierra Club for the past three years by hosting a “Rock for Water Recycled Fashion Show.”  A careful look at their costumes reveals painted and recycled receipts and newspaper, coffee filters, old clothing, broken jewelry, plastic bags and bubble wrap, Styrofoam, old books, fabric samples, and more. 

Giant butterflies flying across the gallery walls were created by Avon artist Ann Bort.  An artist and teacher at Lake Ridge Academy, Bort has been collecting old things for years, saving them from being thrown away so she can use them in the art she creates. Part of the attraction of these objects is the nostalgia that many of the objects evoke. After becoming obsolete, worn out, broken or outliving their intended usefulness, the items have been given a fresh purpose and meaning as something new and beautiful.

A giant fish lantern lighting up the front of the gallery was created by Bort and several of her students for use in upcoming events for Follow the Fish Art and Adventure Trail.  Inspired by the art of Louise Nevelson, each student created a segment of the larger sculpture  from pieces of wood that were left over when the sculptures for FTF  were cut at the LCCC FabLab. 

Follow the Fish Art and Adventure Trail also seeks to bring attention to environmental and sustainable issues in Lorain County and to model sustainable practices – in part by not throwing anything away that could be used to create art.

The exhibition is intended both to make viewers smile, and to think about ways to re-use, reduce and recycle in their own lives.  Please also join us at some of the other campus events celebrating Campus Sustainability Day.

October 23, 2013 – National Campus Sustainability Day
2 p.m. - College Center: Campus Sustainability Day Keynote webcast “Climate Adaptation: Resilient Campuses and Communities.” The broadcast will feature presentations and a discussion from panelists, touching on leadership and practical issues related to campuses, community, and addressing both opportunity and responsibility in a changing climate, innovations in climate resilience and mitigation, and community partnerships.
6-7:30 p.m. – Stocker Arts Center Art Gallery and Lobby: Art Gallery Reception and Farmers Market.
7:30 p.m. – Stocker Arts Center Hoke Theatre: Susan Werner’s Hayseed Project Concert.                                                                            (Tickets $15/Adults; $10/LCCC students; $8 “take a chance” half-price adult tickets are available 1 ½ hours before show time – based on availability. Call 440-366-4040 or visit  for more information.)
Singer/songwriter Susan Werner confirms her reputation as an artist as changeable as the weather with her newest recording, “Hayseed.” Paying tribute to American agriculture and to her Iowa farm roots, Werner lends her wry humor and passionate voice to subjects including farmers markets, agrochemicals, climate change, drought, longing for a sense of place, and the movement towards sustainable agriculture.
For more information about the gallery event or to purchase tickets for the Susan Werner concert, visit


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