Video Tutorials - Algebra

Video Tutorials

Introductory Algebra

These short videos cover topics typically found in an introductory algebra course. The review lessons are short and to the point, giving students a quick brush-up to help them in their Algebra courses.

You may want to locate the particular topic in your textbook before viewing so that you will have a reference to use while watching these videos and working through the examples shown.

Algebra Review Lessons 1-17

  1. Signed Numbers
  2. Order of Operations
  3. Properties of Expressions
  4. Solving linear Equations & Inequalities
  5. Solving Linear Equations & Inequalities With Fractions or Decimals
  6. Graphing Linear Equations & Inequalities
  7. Systems of Equations (Substitution & Addition Methods)
  8. Writing the Equation of a Line
  9. Rules for Exponents
  10. Factoring Techniques
  11. Rational Expressions (Multiplication/Division)
  12. Rational Expressions (Addition/Subtraction/Complex)
  13. Rational Equations
  14. Radical Expressions (Reduce/Addition/Subtraction)
  15. Radical Expressions (Multiply and Divide)
  16. Solving Radical Equations
  17. Solving Word Problems



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