LPN Program at the Medina County Career Center

Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN)

Offered at the Medina County Career Center

The Medina County Career Center (MCCC) and Lorain County Community College (LCCC) have teamed up to offer a Certificate of Proficiency in Practical Nursing designed to prepare graduates to be licensed practical nurses. Licensed practical nurses (LPN) care for the sick, injured, convalescent and disabled under the direction of physicians and registered nurses.

Courses offered at MCCC are instructed in the evening by qualified LCCC faculty members.

NOTE: Some Practical Nursing clinical courses may be offered during the day. Please plan accordingly.

Program Application Requirements

Each fall, 24 eligible students will be invited to participate in the Practical Nursing (PRNS) Clinical portion of the program. Only those students who have completed the Program Application will be eligible for admittance to the program. Applicants must meet with an academic advisor or counselor to complete a program application. Program applications must be submitted by January 5 for Fall admission review. The program pre-admission requirements are as follows:

Prior to the completion of a Program Application Form, you must:

  1. Complete the LCCC Application for Admission (there is no application fee).

  2. Submit an official copy of your final high school transcript or an official GED Score Report.
  3. Provide an official final transcript from each college/university attended (or currently attending).
  4. Demonstrate proficiency in mathematics, reading, and writing.
  5. Have a combined grade point average of 2.0 or higher (grade point average calculation consists of all college level credits earned, including transfer/transient grades, but excludes forgiven or repeated grades).
  6. Hold State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA) status in the state of Ohio, or have successfully completed the Nurse Aide Training course (ALHN 114) at LCCC, or have obtained approval from the Division of Allied Health and Nursing at LCCC. (Divisional approval requires the student’s employer to complete a Skills Verification Form, which may be downloaded or obtained in the Connections Center at LCCC).
  7. After steps 1-5 have been completed, applicants must meet with an LCCC academic advisor or counselor to complete the PRNS program application.

Residency Requirements
Admission to this program is limited to residents of Medina county and the Black River School District. Cuyahoga and Wayne county residents may only apply to this program if they reside within the Medina County Career Center tax district (proof of tax district residency from the appropriate County Auditor's Office will be required). If you have questions about your residency status, please contact the Records Office at Lorain County Community College at 800-995-5222, ext. 4067.

Placement assessment
As part of LCCC's commitment to your success, most students are required to participate in the COMPASS or ASSET placement assessment.

COMPASS is a computerized assessment and is available on a walk-in basis on the LCCC campus. The COMPASS Lab is located in the College Center building, room 236. Upon completion of the COMPASS assessment, you may immediatedly meet with a counselor or academic advisor to review your results and schedule classes.

ASSET is a paper-and-pencil assessment and is offered at scheduled times at off-campus locations.

The COMPASS or ASSET assessment must be completed

  • prior to your enrollment in any college-level English or mathematics course

  • if you enroll in more than six credit hours per semester

  • if you enroll in any course that will result in the accumulation of 13 or more credits

You are exempt from the COMPASS/ASSET assessment if you completed college-level courses in English or mathematics or hold an associate's degree or higher. Students with all ACT subtotal scores of 24 or higher or students with SAT scores totaling 1110 or higher are also exempted from COMPASS/ASSET assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Can I participate in the PRNS program if I don’t live in Medina County?
A You may apply for the program, but first consideration is given to residents of Medina County.

Q Will I be able to complete all of my support classes at the Medina County Career Center?
A Most PRNS support courses are taught at the Career Center. College (SDEV) 101 and some college-prep courses are available online, through Lorain County Community College.

Q How long will it take me to complete the entire PRNS program?
A The program is designed to be completed within three semesters or approximately one year.

Q Are Federal Financial Aid programs available?
A Yes, financial aid is available to those who qualify. For more information, please contact the LCCC Financial Services Center at 800-995-5222, ext. 4034.

Q How much will it cost to attend the PRNS program?
A LCCC charges by the credit hour for each course offered at MCCC. It will take approximately 42 total credit hours to complete the program. This charge does not include lab fees, text books, special clothing or accessories needed in the clinical setting. Additional expense may also be incurred if you must complete college-prep course work. Click here to view the current LCCC fee schedule and payment options.

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For additional information, Please contact LCCC at (440) 366-4800 or 800-995-5222, extension 4800.


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