Faculty and Staff

Allied Health and Nursing


Administrative Associate

Hope Moon 
Extension 7183, Room HS 223Q

Elizabeth Settle
Extension 7182, Room HS 223

Administrative Assistants
Sue Bacher
Extension 7253, Room HS 223
Jacalyn Heider
Extension 7577, Room HS 223
Staff Associate Staff Assistant
Michelle Michener, Continuing Education/Continuing Medical Education
Extension 7701, Room HS 228
Jamesha Amerson
Extension 4178, Room HS 223U
Associate Degree Nursing  

Patricia Schrull, Program Director
Extension 7209, Room HS-210B

Judith Pulito  
Extension 7173, Room HS 223L

Mary Grady
Extension 4177, Room HS 223A

Phyllis Higley, Ph.D
Extension 7161, Room HS 223O
Judith Jorgensen
Extension 4108, Room HS 223G
Karen Joris
Extension 7156, Room HS 223D

Deena Collins, Nursing Lab Coordinator
Extension 7149, Room HS 210K

Debra O'Shaughnessy
Extension 7148, Room HS 111E

Lisa Murthy
Extension 7154, Room PC 111F

Jill Reiter
Extension 7174, Room HS 111D

Debra Perry
Extension 4197, Room HS 210F

Rebecca Schlather, Firelands Satellite Liaison
Extension 4778, Room HS 223C

Cynthia Colahan
Extension 7122, Room PC 113F

Nancy Urrutia
Room PC 113F

Barbara Wilford
Extension 7162. Room HS 210C

Joanne Yakumithis
Extension 7188, Room HS 223N

Vivian Yates, PhD
Extension 7172, Room HS-223M

Deanna Jenkins
Extension 7355, Room PE 104


Clinical Laboratory Science  
James Daly, Program Director
Extension 7194, Room HS 210A
Cheryl Selvage
Extension 4139, Room HS 210E

Dental Hygiene

Susan Leiken, Program Director 
Extension 7168, Room HS 223P

Teri Weber, Dental Clinic Office
Extension 7450, Room HS 106

Ihor Suszko, DDS
Extension 7196, Room HS 210M

Diagnostic Medical Sonography


Craig Peneff, Program Director
Extension 7189, Room HS 223W
Michelle Yuhasz
Extension 7176, Room HS 223F

Emergency Medical Services/Fire Science

Medical Assisting
Dawn Sgro, Program Director
Extension 7186, Room HS 210D
Cynthia Watkins, Program Director
Extension 4189, LCCC Learning Center at St. Joseph Community Center Room SJ 133
Nurse Aid Training Nursing Laboratory

Linda Sulkowski, Program Director
Extension 4508, LCCC Learning Center at St. Joseph Community Center, Room SJ 135

Deena Collins, Nursing Lab Coordinator
Extension 7149, Room HS 210K

Physical Therapist Assisting
John Myers, Program Director
Extension 7881, Room HS 223M
Jim Keske
Extension 7210, Room HS 223E

Practical Nursing

Aileen Maslinski, Program Director 
Extension 7466, Room HS 223A

Debra Perry
Extension 4197, Room HS 210M
Radiologic Technology
Jeffrey Walmsley, Program Director
Extension 7197, Room HS 210G
Lisa Heyd
Extension 7191, Room HS 223B
Respiratory Care Surgical Technology
Rod Roark, Program Director
Extension 4790, Room UC 114
Patricia Sedlak, Program Director
Extension 7159, Room HS 210N



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