Recycled Computer Program Application

Application for a Recycled Computer

Lorain County Community College

Deadline for Submission: December 14, 2012

Two Ways to Apply

To apply online, please complete the form below.

If you prefer to complete your application on paper, please click here for a printable application.

Lorain County Community College recognizes the need for students to have access to a personal computer to be successful in completing college work.  LCCC has created a computer-recycling program to help economically disadvantaged students gain access to technology in their homes by issuing refurbished computer systems to those who demonstrate the greatest need through this application process.

In order to submit this application you must meet all of the following minimum criteria:

  1. Be a current student or plan to enroll.  
  2. You Must have a Working phone number or email address for contact
  3. Demonstrate that you cannot afford to purchase a personal computer. 
  4. Do not have a personal computer in your home.
  5. Be willing to learn basic computer system operations, by enrolling in the following 3-hour non-credit course (NCPS 010 at a cost of $5) to learn hands-on basic computer system operations, set-up and troubleshooting.  If selected to receive a computer system, you will be provided with the course enrollment form.

Term and conditions of this program:

There is no guarantee that a computer will be awarded to you. A committee will evaluate all applications and make the final awards based on the merits of the application and the number of computer systems available.  There is no appeals process.

If awarded a personal computer, you will be asked to sign a six-month agreement to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The college will NOT provide any repair service or warranties of any sort for your PC.
  2. You must remain an LCCC student for the duration of this agreement. (6 Months)
  3. You must agree not to sell or give away this PC for the duration of this agreement.
  4. You must agree not to use this computer to conduct illegal activities.
  5. If any of the above terms and conditions are breached, or if you no longer need this PC, you agree to return this computer system to the college for its use by another student in-need.
  6. The terms and conditions of this program may change and/or the program may be discontinued at the discretion of the college.
  7. You must agree to allow the Computer Recycling Committee to view your FASFA (Financial Aid Application) to verify your need.
  8. The computer you receive may be an older model and may not have the latest software.  It also may not have a modem.  A printer will not be part of the system you receive.
  9. You agree to release Lorain County Community College and all its employees from any claims resulting from damage or injuries occurring as a result of using, installing or handling the donated computer.
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Recycled Computer Application Form

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