Manufacturing Engineering Technology - Industrial Mechanical Technician

Manufacturing Engineering Technology -

Industrial Mechanical Technician

Associate of Applied Science - Curriculum Code 6216

The Industrial Mechanical Technician program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for the competent performance as an entry-level mechanical maintenance technician. The graduate will be able to peform journeyman leavel work in installing, repairing, maintaining and testing of mechanical systems.  Lorain County Community College has articulation agreements with colleges and universities including programs offered by LCCC's University Partnership.

Fall Semester (First Year)
CISS 121 Microcomputer Applications I 3
ELCT 191 Industrial Electricity 3
ENGR 120 Introduction to Engineering 1
MTHM 121 Technical Mathematics I 4
SDEV 101 College 101 ^ 1
WTEC 108 Oxy-Fuel Welding & Cutting * 2
WTEC 111 Welding Specifications & Print Reading 2
Spring Semester (First Year)
ENGL 161 College Composition I 3
TECN 115 Industrial Blueprint Reading 3
TECN 121 Fluid Power * 4
TECN 131 Manufacturing Processes I * 4
TECN 133 Mechanical Systems 3
Summer Semester (First Year)
TECN 287 Work-Based Learning I > 1
Fall Semester (Second Year)
CMMC 151 Programmable Logic Controllers II * 3
PHYC 151 General Physics > 5
QLTY 121 Quality Assurance Techniques (SPC) 2
WTEC 116 BAsic Shielded Metal Arc Welding SMAW * 3
Arts and Humanities Elective **  
Spring Semester (Second Year)
EMCH 112 Engineering Materials 3
QLTY 236 Reliability Centered Maintenance * 3
TECN 220 Industrial Piping & Tubing 3
WTEC 216 Wire Fed Processes > 3
Social Sciences Elective ^^ 3
Total Credit Hours: 62

1. > Indicates that this course requires a prerequisite.
2. * Indicates that this course has a prerequisite or may be taken concurrently.
3.  ** Courses selected from the following list: ARTS 243, 244, 245, 246, 254; ENGL 251, 252, 253, 254, 255, 257, 259, 261, 262, 265, 266, 269; HUMS 151, 161, 261, 262, 271, 274; MUSC 262; PHLY 165, 262; RELG 181, 261, 262; THTR 151.
4. ^^ Course selected from the following list: HSTR 151, 152, 161, 162, 171, 252, 267, 268, 269; PLSC 156, PSYH 151; SOCY 151.
5. ^ A student must register for the orientation course when enrolling for more than six credit hours per semester or any course that would result in an accumulation of 13 or more credit hours.

Established   January 2014
Effective        May 2014


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