Science and Mathematics Programs

Science and Mathematics Curriculum at LCCC

What could be more important than understanding the world we live in and how it works? The practical application of science develops new technology, improves our health and living standards and is vitally important to the economy of the 21st Century. Virtually every aspect of life as we know it is only possible thanks to scientific advances. Life has changed beyond recognition since our ancestors first started to think scientifically, and the pace of technology shows no signs of slowing.

A degree in science allows you to spend at least two years studying something that is interesting, fun and useful; provides you with a broad range of options after graduating; makes you attractive to employers;and has good earning potential.

Mathematics is a powerful tool for solving practical problems and a highly creative field of study,
combining logic and precision with intuition and imagination. The basic goal of mathematics is to reveal and explain patterns – whether the pattern appears as electrical impulses in an animal’s nervous system, as fluctuations in stock market prices, or as fine detail of an abstract geometric figure.

The study of mathematics is not only exciting, but also important: mathematicians have an opportunity to make a lasting contribution to society by helping to solve problems in such diverse fields as medicine, management, economics, government, computer science, physics, psychology, engineering, and social science.


Career Areas to Explore


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Gainful Employment
Federal regulations require institutions to disclose to prospective and current students certain information about Gainful Employment programs. A Gainful Employment program is a certificate program that leads to gainful employment in a recognized occupation. For more information, visit

MyCAP (Career Advantage Plan)
Transfer Plans
If your academic goals are not reflected in our University Partnership programs or in our transfer agreements above, you are strongly encouraged to meet with a counselor to develop your career advantage plan (MyCAP). MyCAP is tailored to your own needs, curriculum and academic background. To create a MyCAP, please make an appointment with a counselor at (440) 366-4033 or at (800) 995-5222, Ext. 4033 or visit  


Certificate Programs

Short-Term Technical Certificate in Enviromental Technology  Environmental technicians are employed in research, testing and quality control of a wide range of products, including petroleum, plastics, pharmaceuticals and semi-conductors. This one-year certificate program prepares students to function as technicians in either public or private laboratories, where they perform tasks such as environmental sample collection and monitoring, instrument calibration, report writing and data management. Students will learn a strong set of technical skills where they analyze various materials using standard procedures and insturmental procedures. Lorain County Community College has articulation agreements with colleges and universities including programs offered by Lorain County Community College's University Partnership.

Short-Term Technical Certificate in Specialty Crop Growers
The Specialty Crop Growers Short-Term Technical Certificate provides the basic training needed to diversify and expand farm production, boost local economies, increase access to fresh food, and decrease the need for extensive transportation of foods.  Students contribute directly to the production of locally grown produce through hands-on experiences with local farmers and growers.  Training in specialty crop production allows students to explore career pathways in agriculture, cooperative systems, and marketing.

One-Year Technical Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture

The One-Year Technical Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture will allow LCCC students to explore careers in agriculture and food systems. Students will learn key sustainability and land stewardship skills as they study the interactions between food, human health, and ecosystem services. Students will contribute to the production, distribution, and marketing of locally grown produce through hands-on experiences with local farmers and growers. Some courses require travel time to off-campus sites. This program is offered in collaboration with The Ohio State University Agriculture Technical Institute (OSU/ATI) in Wooster, OH, and the George Jones Memorial Farm in Oberlin, OH. Lorain County Community College has articulation agreements with colleges and universities including programs offered at LCCC's University Partnership.

Associate Degree

Associate of Science
The associate of science is intended for students who wish to complete the first two or more years of a bachelor's degree program at LCCC in such program fields as biology, chemistry, computer science and engineering, general science and physics.  Students completing the associate of science degree may transfer with junior (or higher) standing to the four-year university or college of their choice.  Students may also select the associate of science degree if they wish to complete the first two or more years of a bachelor's degree program at LCCC in program fields such as:    

Computer Science
Earth Science
Physical Science
Sports Medicine/Athletic Training

Bachelor's Degree Programs 

Bachelor of Science in Biology
From Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green State University offers a baccalaureate degree program through the LCCC University Partnership, which provides training in the major areas of biology while allowing sufficient flexibility to accommodate the specific interests of individual students.  All majors are required to take the biology core plus genetics.  The degree program requires a student to take at least one course in each of three major areas: biology of organisms; ecology, evolution and behavior; cell and regulatory biology.  Additional courses in one or more of these areas allow the student to design an individualized curriculum while ensuring exposure to the broad spectrum of biology.  The degree program, with one additional physics course and one additional chemistry course, also allows students to meet the course requirements for pre-professional (medical, dental, veterinary) graduate study.  The program is based on a three-plus-one concept where the associate degree courses meet the first three years of study for general education courses and the science foundation courses.



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