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Careers in business offer opportunities in a wide variety of management and administrative positions. Business graduates may find jobs in all types of businesses, including restaurants, department stores, large and small private companies, in government and in education. In addition, some graduates start their own businesses. No matter, almost every organization and institution today has a business office.

Entry-level managers and those experienced in accounting, marketing or economics are a necessity in all offices. Business managers and administrators need to effectively direct business activities. Communication, decision making, planning, organizing, evaluating and entrepreneurship skills are among those characteristics most desired by employers.

Business offers a path to enter just about any industry. In addition to the positions available in the wholesale and retail industries, business graduates find jobs in areas as diverse as entertainment, travel, health care, education and the social services.  These wide-open opportunities give business graduates the chance to contribute in areas that suit their particular interests and goals.

Educational Opportunities in Business at LCCC

Associate of Applied Business in Business Administration-Management
This program is designed to prepare students for transfer into a bachelor’s degree program or employment in a variety of administrative and management positions. The focus of this program is skill building in areas of communication, decision-making, planning, organizing, evaluating and entrepreneurship.

Associate of Arts
The associate of arts is for students who want to pursue bachelor’s degrees in business by completing the first two or more years at LCCC.

Other Educational Opportunities at LCCC

Educational Opportunities in Business through LCCC’s University Partnership

The University of Akron
Bachelor of Science in Accounting
The accounting program in the George W. Daverio School of Accountancy is designed to prepare students to become competent and responsible accounting professionals. The accounting curriculum in the George W. Daverio School of Accountancy is designed to prepare the student for professional service, including sitting for professional examinations, and pursuing advanced study. The program is designed so that approximately  three years of this partnership is LCCC coursework and just over one year is University of Akron coursework (39 semester hours). Akron courses are taught by Akron faculty via distance learning.  Students can complete the degree in accounting in its entirety on LCCC’s campus.

Kent State University
Bachelor of Business Administration- Business Management (Optional International Business Minor)
Kent’s Business Administration (major in Business Management) degree provides students with credentials that are important to getting that first job in business as an entry-level manager or manager trainee.

International Business Minor Option
Global business is fast becoming an important part of the U.S. economy. The world that college graduates are facing will essentially be a triad of powers (the United States and, perhaps, Canada and Latin America; Europe; and Japan and its Asian neighbors) and a “borderless” world. This suggests a need to be trained for employment that will have international implications. Whether the student takes a major in business, fashion design and merchandising, the hard sciences, English or education, some training in global outreach, cultural diversity, and “business cultures” will be necessary.

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MBA Program Begins in Fall 2015

Beginning in fall 2015, Youngstown State University’s Williamson College of Business Administration will offer a master’s of business administration degree through the University Partnership. Learn more.