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A degree in public administration is a key to many possible career doors,  such as not -for-profit organizations, politics, government, public-sector programs, fundraising, event planning, consulting and planning. Public administration graduates are generalists who have education — and often experience — in a wide range of skills.

They’ve learned about organizational leadership and management, human resources, budgeting, volunteer management, specific areas of law, fundraising and grantsmanship, political systems and related areas.

Public administration education is similar to a business education. However, the focus of the courses (including human resources, budgeting and law) are focused on not-for-profit government and public institutions rather than on for-profit organizations.

However, many of our graduates enter business professions with the public administration degree. Public administrators plan or administer a vast array of projects, programs and agencies within the not-for-profit sector. Others work within local, state and national government agencies— again, with many different programs and in a wide number of capacities.

Some public administration graduates specialize in the complicated structures and activities of fundraising, event planning and community planning. Internships which provide in depth, significant experience with a host organization, prepare students to immediately assume key responsibilities in the greater workforce.

Some work in the political arena, both in appointed and elected office. Ultimately, a number of public administration graduates become specialists in some field and become either consultants or trainers. A significant number of graduates go on to earn a law degree or a master’s degree in public administration. Finally, public administration (if the graduate has advanced degrees) opens opportunities to teach a number of varied subjects in higher education.

Educational Opportunities in Public Administration

Associate of Applied Science in Public Administration
The associate of applied science degree in public administration is for students who want to work the public sector in a not for-profit organization or in business or academic setting. It is also for students who are already working in the public sector (government, elected/appointed positions), non-profit organizations, business and other types of organizations or public agencies.

The associate degree in public administration combines a unique combination of practical, useful and real-world, hands-on courses that will help the working students to develop additional skills and knowledge and validate their work experience with education.

Other students will be able to learn and develop new skills and gain practical experience along with others who bring examples and expertise to share.

The combination of courses specific to the degree program is introduction to public administration, organizational leadership, program and service planning and evaluation, public resource development (fundraising), human resource and volunteer management, budget and finance for community organizations, survey of legal concepts and practicum internship. Urban studies courses are introduction to urban studies, contemporary urban studies and urban spatial systems.

These degree specific courses are taken along with general education courses that will provide students with a variety of experiences and opportunities designed to provide a solid education.

Certificate in Public Administration
The certificate in public administration may be of interest to students who are working on or already have a degree in another field, and want preparation for a new work situation or who wishes to upgrade skills and techniques. The certificate combines public administration courses with general education courses that will allow an individual attending full time to complete the certificate in two semesters.

Related Educational Opportunities through LCCC’s University Partnership

Cleveland State University
Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies
The Bachelor of Arts in urban studies curriculum takes full advantage of its location in a major urban setting in fulfilling its commitment to urban education, research, and community service. Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts degree program take courses and seminars dealing directly with urban problems and their solutions. The program, offered through the University Partnership focuses on public administration, the study of leadership, management, public policy, budgeting and finance. The degree prepares students for career challenges in the public, private and non-profit sectors. It is also excellent preparation for further study, such as graduate school or law school.

Bachelor of Arts in Nonprofit Administration
The Bachelor of Arts in nonprofit administration degree is designed to:

  • Equip human service personnel with additional management and communication skills to address the needs of urban human services and nonprofit agencies;
  • Prepare students to assume administrative or managerial roles in human services agencies that deal with welfare reform, work and training, substance abuse, mental health, domestic violence, and health and nutrition;
  • Provide access to faculty members with expertise in public administration and non-profit management in an urban setting;
  • Prepare students for future career challenges, including graduate work in a number of fields.

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