International Education Activities

Updates of International Activities
at Lorain County Community College

LCCC Music Students Return from France

  • Music students from Lorain County Community College have recently returned from France, an experience they described as “the best ever!” The students had a chance to show off their varied musical abilities, especially in the classical area. In addition, they recognized the purpose and meaning of this special opportunity and were appreciative of all the efforts made on their behalf by the French. Being good world citizens, they were conscious of not offending anyone and proved to be excellent guests and representatives of LCCC.

Summer Camp Offered to Chinese Elementary School Students

  • Lorain County Community College has invited 12 students and two teachers from the elementary schools in the Kaifu District of Changsha, China, to come to the college campus for two weeks this summer and participate in a summer camp for elementary school children. The camp is organized by the “College for Kids” program in cooperation with local public school systems. The purpose of the invitation is to give children from both China and the United States an opportunity to make friends and develop greater understanding of each other from an early age. The Chinese children will stay with American families whose children are also in the camp. The children will be involved in academic and recreational activities, arts and crafts, and field trips. The Chinese teachers will be asked to share a few of the fun activities that they organize for their students so the American students experience some of the ways Chinese children are taught.  

LCCC to Welcome Hunan Students

  • Lorain County Community College is planning to host students and teachers from the Hunan College of International Economics, located in Changsha, China. They will be guests of LCCC for 16 weeks, from late August 2004 to nearly the end of the year. During this time, they will complete 13 weeks of intensive ESL work (20 hours per week). For one week, they will sit-in on other selected courses. They will also be involved in two weeks of cultural activities and field trips.

Adventure to Ghana Planned

  • Professors Malcolm Cash and Kwaku Obosu-Mensah have developed a new course that includes an adventure in Ghana, Africa. The trip is to be part of the new “Introduction to African Culture” course. The first part of the course will be held on the LCCC campus. The last part of the course will include a visit to Africa to explore the customs and culture of Ghana. Professor Obosu-Mensah has already made arrangements with the University of Ghana to host the LCCC students. During their stay in Africa, the students will explore slave castles, gold and diamond mines. They will participate in national festivals. They can enjoy some of Africa's most beautiful beaches and have the opportunity to worship in African churches. This web page will announce dates and costs as details become available. Professor Cash can be reached at 440-366-4731 (Email:; Professor Obosu-Mensah can be reached at 440-366-7166 (Email:


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