International Student Transfer

International Students Transferring to LCCC from another college or university.

Any qualified student who has attended another college or university is welcome to attend LCCC as a student.  An official evaluation of transfer credit will not be completed until the student has been admitted to LCCC, has submitted official transcripts from all attended post-secondary institutions and has completed an LCCC Transcript Evaluation Request Form.  A student wishing to enroll prior to the receipt of official post-secondary transcript(s) is subject to the same requirements as any entering student as described in the LCCC Catalog.

A transfer student who is under academic probation at another college or university may be admitted as a Probationary Student.  A student's record is subject to review by the Committee on Admissions and Scholastic Standing.

Steps to transfer admission include:

  1. Complete all LCCC International admission applications prior to requesting evaluation of college level transcripts.  All international transfer applicants must also submit The International Student Transfer Report  which we ask you to give to your college’s international advisor who will complete and return to us. 
  2. Submit copies of the following:  PASSPORT SIGNATURE PAGE; F-1; VISA; I-94; FIRST PAGE OF THE CURRENT I-20 FORM.
  3. Complete and return the Transcript Evaluation Request form to the LCCC Records Office.  Each Transcript Evaluation Request is valid for three months from the date of receipt. If transcripts are not received within the three month time limit, your future ability to register for LCCC classes may be limited or denied. You are required to request an official transcript from the appropriate official of each separate institution of higher education attended. This includes: In-state college transcripts; Out-of-state college transcripts; International transcripts.
    You will receive a Notification of Credit Accepted letter from the LCCC Transfer Center when your evaluation is completed.  Your evaluation becomes part of your permanent student achievement file.

Please download and print the forms.  Complete and scan the forms and send by email to:  Once the application and transcripts are submitted, we will send you a letter of admission; give the admission letter to your international advisor who will then release your SEVIS I-20 to Lorain County Community College.

Transient Students

If you are a student at another college or university, you can take classes at LCCC for credit at your home institution: 

  1. Select the course(s) you want to take from the online Class Schedule.
  2. Meet with your adviser, counselor or other appropriate person at your college or university to determine the proper course work at LCCC and to ensure transferability for your degree requirements.
  3. Obtain transient student permission from your college or university. This is a formal authorization to enroll in another college and is verification that your home school accepts successfully completed course work. This permission is usually in a standard form or letter from an advisor or counselor. However, you may use the Sample Transient Letter, if approved by your college or university. If you choose not to obtain transient student permission, you need to complete the Transient Student Permission Waiver, also available from this page.
  4. Complete the International Admission Application according to the instructions.
  5. Indicate which courses you want to take by completing the Transient form or letter.
  6. Complete the Transcript Request Form





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