Placement and Assessment

Placement and Assessment 

As part of the College's commitment to your success, most students are required to participate in the assessment process. This evaluation of reading, writing and mathematics skills must be completed before you enroll in any math course, ENGL 161, more than 6 credit hours per semester, or in any course that would result in the accumulation of 13 or more total credits.

Are there any exceptions?
Exceptions to the assessment might include: 

  1. A student who has completed an Associates Degree or higher at an accredited institution 
  2. A transient student in good standing
  3. A student with an ACT (with documentation):
    • A student with an ACT English score of 18 or SAT English score of 430 
    • A student with an ACT Mathematics score of 22 or SAT Mathematics score of 510 
    • A student with an ACT Reading Score of 21 or SAT Reading score of 490 OR
    • A student with all ACT subtotal scores of 22 or higher earned prior to August 1995 OR 
    • All ACT subtotal scores of 24 or higher earned September 1995 or later 
  4. A senior citizen 
  5. A student registering for audit 
  6. A Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education cross-registration student

Why be assessed?
The placement assessment is designed to improve your chances for success here at LCCC. When you are starting college, it is important to be placed in the right courses. Placement assessment helps to place you in courses matching your current abilities.

What are the types of placement assessment?
LCCC uses two types of placement assessment. Both assessments are products of the American College Testing Corporation (ACT). The ASSET placement assessment, which is a paper-and-pencil assessment, is used for off-campus assessment; for instance at local high schools. Disability Services also uses Asset for students who may require special arrangements.

On the second floor of the College Center building (CC 233) is the Testing Center and Compass Lab. The C (Computer-adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System) laboratory makes completing your assessment process easy. The Compass lab is open on a walk-in basis. The assessment is not timed so you can take as long as you need to complete the sections. It usually takes about 3 hours to complete the assessment. It can even be broken down into 2 sessions if you are unable to complete it at one sitting. After you are finished your assessment results are printed and you meet with an academic advisor or counselor to go over the results and schedule your classes.

Can I prepare?
It is difficult to study for the Writing and Reading portions of the placement assessment. However, it is a good idea to review before completing the math portion of your assessment. The sample items, which you will find below, can help give you an idea of what the assessments will be like and what might be good to study for the math portion.

Where do I go and what should I bring?
The Compass Lab is housed on the second floor of the College Center Building, Room CC 233.  You may bring a calculator (no computers or pocket organizers) for use on certain sections of the Compass/Asset Placement Assessment. Be sure to bring a picture ID with you. 

Click here for Testing Center and Compass Lab hours.

For more information call 440-366-7654.


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