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If you have difficulties registering online, call (440) 366-4067 or visit Enrollment Services, located in the Bass Library.

Registering For Classes

Registration for courses at Lorain County Community College will be conducted at times and/or places announced through publications by the Records Office. LCCC reserves the right to cancel registration and refund fees if necessary. Student services representatives and academic advisors are available for consultation in Enrollment Services.

Early registration is encouraged. In some clinical internship and laboratory programs there are limited numbers of positions authorized in external agencies. Registration into selected sections is contingent upon availability of suitable internship positions. Contact Enrollment Services for additional information at (440) 366-4032.

Priority registration for students with documented disability is available. Contact Disability Services at (440) 366-4058.

Convenient Ways to Register
Students have several methods by which they may register for classes:

  • Online registration is for currently enrolled students and those with an LCCC application on file who have been assigned an LCCC student number. Online registration makes the process simple and convenient. Click here to register online.

    Online registration has many other benefits. Students may search on their own for class availability, verify their personal information, view grades, and much more. E-mail access to faculty and other key administrative offices is available through the system. Fee information is available 24 hours after registration, and students may drop and/or add classes right up to the first day of the semester. Online registration is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A student registering online may phone the Bursar's Office and pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express), if desired, or pay online.
  • In-person registration is held in Enrollment Services, located on the first floor of the Bass Library during announced registration periods. In-person registration is for all students.
  • Mail registration is accepted from students who have already filed an Application for Admission or from students who submit their Applications for Admission in the same mailing with the Credit Registration Form. A schedule is mailed to students who register by mail. During announced times, students may register by mail by completing a Credit Registration Form and mailing it to: Records Office, LCCC, 1005 N. Abbe Road, Elyria, Ohio, 44035. 
  • Telephone registration is accepted from students by phoning the Records Office at (800) 995-LCCC, Ext. 4067. Continuing and new students may register by phone if the application is filed at least two weeks before registering. A student registering by phone may make payment at time of registration with Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. 
  • Students may register by fax by completing a Credit Registration Form. Fax the registration to the Records Office at (440) 366-4167.  Fax registration is for continuing, former and new students. New students must have the application filed at least two weeks before registering.

Class schedule listings

LCCC class schedules use a section numbering scheme that allows students to know more about courses “at a glance.” Immediately following the course number, a capital letter E (lecture), L (lab) or C (clinical) appears.

Credit Class Codes

Credit Schedule IconsIcons indicate whether a class is offered on the Internet, cable or is an internationalized class. Boldface classes are evening classes that begin on or after 4 p.m. Classes that are shaded meet once per week. This may include classes with lectures and labs that offer the lecture and lab once a week and on the same day of the week.

Change of Address
Students are responsible for reporting any change of address to the Enrollment Services Center. All College communications will be sent to the student’s MyCampus email address or to the student's last reported address. You should frequently check your MyCampus email account for important information. Cross Registration – Campus One (NOCOHE)
Cross registration is a program of Campus One, sponsored by the Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education (NOCOHE). Campus One is a consortium of Northeast Ohio colleges and universities dedicated to developing academic and cultural resources.

Currently enrolled, full-time students in good financial and academic standing at LCCC may take one undergraduate course per term at any other participating college. Tuition is free at the host institution, but the student will have to pay any special fees involved (lab, books, parking, etc). Registration is limited to fall and spring semesters. Transfer credit may be granted for completed courses with a grade of “C” or better. Registration is limited to a space-available basis and registration may occur at different times at the host college. Interested LCCC students may obtain a cross-registration application from Enrollment Services.

Currently enrolled, full-time students in good financial and academic standing at any other participating college may take one course per term at LCCC. Tuition is free at the host college, but the student must pay any special fees involved (lab, books, general and technical, etc.). Registration is limited to fall and spring semesters.

Interested students may obtain the required Cross Registration Form from their home institution. Students must confirm the transferability of the LCCC course with their home institution. Registration is limited to a space-available basis and will be accepted from the first day of the term through Friday of the first week of the term. Cross-registration for students from other colleges taking courses at LCCC must be processed in Enrollment Services, located on the first floor of the Bass Library. Further information is available by contacting the Records Office at (440) 366-4067.

Grade Options

Certain courses (including some remedial courses and some practical) are graded S/U only and are so indicated in the course descriptions. “S” means satisfactory and indicates that course credit was earned. “U” means unsatisfactory and indicates no credit was earned. A student may also elect the S/U grading option in no more than three courses for the associate degree and not more than one course a semester. Any S/U hours beyond this limit will not count toward graduation. The S/U grade option must be declared in Enrollment Services by Friday of the eighth scheduled week of the semester for full-term courses. The S/U option cannot be reversed to a letter grade once the semester is in session. The S/U option for credit may be used only for electives within a degree or certificate program. The grade of “S” will equal an “A”, “B” or “C”. The grade of “U” will equal a “D” or an “F”.

Students choosing to audit a course will pay instruction, general and any special fees, but receive no academic credit or quality assignment grade. The student must attend and participate in class, laboratories, if applicable, and examinations. Courses taken on this basis are not included in the computation of cumulative grade point average and are not applicable to graduation requirements or other purposes requiring completion of a course under credit status. Certain courses may not be available under audit status.

Students may file an audit request form in Enrollment Services at the time of registration but must file no later than Friday of the second week of the semester in which the course is being taken for full-term courses. The audit option cannot be reversed to credit once the semester is in session.

Students are cautioned that changing a credit course to audit status may adversely affect financial aid benefits, veterans' benefits and graduation status. Students should inquire at the appropriate office regarding potential impact to benefits and/or graduation status.

Audits for credit courses offered differently than the traditional semester calendar will be calculated proportionately to and consistent with institutional policy.

Late Registration
As part of LCCC’s commitment to student success, late registration is not permitted. If a student is unable to attend the first class meeting, they will not be permitted to register for the course. In distance learning classes, registration must be completed prior to the course start date.

Schedule Adjustment
Registered students may attend the first class meeting of a course before deciding to complete a schedule adjustment (drop/add), but must exercise this prerogative prior to the start of the second class meeting and prior to the end of the schedule adjustment period. Refunds will be made according to the Refund Policy.

Administrative Causes for Change of Schedule
If the College causes a change of schedule to be necessary, the student will not be charged. Those instances include: courses which are canceled by the College and courses which are altered by the College in respect to meeting time.

Definition of Change of Schedule: After initial registration for any given semester, any of the following will cause the schedule to be changed at the request of the student - one or more courses are added to the schedule (add); one or more courses are deleted from the schedule (drop); one or more courses are changed from one section to another section (drop/add); upon processing by Enrollment Services, a change of schedule occurs.

Senior Citizen Registration and Fee Waiver Policy
To be eligible for the instructional fee waiver, a senior citizen must be sixty (60) years of age or older and a resident of the State of Ohio for the immediate preceding 12 consecutive months. A registration and instructional fee waiver request form must be completed. A senior citizen will be required to pay all non-instructional fees (general fee, special course fees, etc.) and must purchase books and materials needed for the course. Instructional fees may be waived for a senior citizen enrolling in credit courses on an audit basis. Registration for classes using this fee waiver policy will be on a space-available basis during the senior citizen registration period listed in the Credit Class Schedule.

The last day to withdraw from a regularly scheduled semester class is Friday of the twelfth week of the semester. A withdrawal form must be completed, signed and submitted to Enrollment Services. Withdrawal from the College consists of withdrawing from all enrolled courses. Students who withdraw from all courses cease to be LCCC students for the semester from which they have withdrawn.

A student who stops attending any class without following the withdrawal procedure continues to be enrolled. For these classes a grade will be assigned and no refund of instructional or of any other fees will be considered.

Withdrawals from credit courses offered differently than the traditional semester calendar will be calculated proportionately to and consistent with institutional policy.

Administrative Withdrawal
Students with documented, extenuating circumstances may be eligible for an administrative withdrawal by the dean of the division in which the course or courses are taught. The request for an administrative withdrawal must be made in writing to the dean of the division with any supporting documentation. This must occur before the last official day of the semester. After the last official day of the semester, withdrawal requests will be reviewed by the dean of Enrollment Services and/or the associate registrar.


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