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A market study from the Northeast Ohio Information Technology (IT) Workforce Institute Initiative indicates a growing demand for IT professionals and skilled workers across the region. Whether you need training for your workforce or professional certifications to move your career forward, LCCC has the IT training and certification programs you need. 

Employers, IT workers and students have told us what they need to advance in the IT job market. Courses may be taken at LCCC or at the workplace.  Many courses can also be taken online.

IT Support

ITFast Track- Train to become an IT Support Specialist, Network Technician or Help Desk Representative. Computer support specialists provide technical assistance, support, and advice to customers and other users.  They troubleshoot, interpret problems and provide technical support for hardware, software, and systems. They answer telephone calls, analyze problems by using automated diagnostic programs, and resolve recurring difficulties. Program includes:

  • Training designed for those who can attend some day time classes.
  • Credit courses preparing you for the IT career field that also lead to IT credit certificates and degrees.
  • Training and test preparation in Comp Tia’s A+ and Network+ as well as Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS).
  • On-line certification prep and exams with hundreds of practice test questions to prepare you for exams.
  • Build a Network hands-on lab- build a network start to finish.
  • Training, books, materials, practice exams, exam vouchers, and supportive services.
  • Career planning course for job preparation and exposure to employers who hire IT Support professionals.
  • Next program begins Fall semester (August 26)- seats may still be available for Network+ and MCTS certifications only.
  • Additional program start dates may be available in 2013-2014. Please email Lori at if interested.


Networking Skills:

  • Network + Certification – Validate your knowledge as a network professional and demonstrate a wide range of skills required in today’s network environments. Network + covers two main areas:  Networking Technology and Networking Practices. This course is a first step into networking, and prepares you for the certification exam.
  • MS 6421 – Configuring and Troubleshooting a Windows Server 2008 Network- prepares you to successfully implement, build on, troubleshoot, and debug this technology and sit for the MCTS exam 070-642- TS: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring. 
  • Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT)- Prepares you for entry level network technician career. First step in attaining your CCNA. Click here for program detail sheet.
  • Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) – LCCC offers the CCNA program for college credit as well as non-credit. Courses are taught on-campus using the Cisco training program. Train to become a Network Administrator in four semesters. Click here for program detail sheet.

Mobile Applications:

  • Mobile Applications 4 G LTE Long Term Evolution Seminar-Long Term Evolution (LTE), is the latest standard in the mobile network technology tree that previously realized the GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSxPA network technologies. The LTE specification provides downlink peak rates of at least 100 Mbps, an uplink of at least 50 Mbps and RAN round-trip times of less than 10 ms. Seminar will cover the following: LTE technology including Femtocells, LTE Markets Enterprise, Consumer, Telematics,1st responder and DoD. Also, end user devices such as iphones, droids and other end user equipment. Highlights of new LTE-Advanced standard will be presented. Must be a networking professional to take this course. Available for groups of 6 or more.
  • Rapid Mobile Application Development- For anyone with good computer skills or basic programming looking to create mobile applications for iOS and Android, this class is for you. This course will give you the skills to get started as a mobile developer with your employer or enter the world of freelance development. Students will be introduced to the JavaScript programming language and the mobile application development platform Titanium.  The course will also instruct students on mobile user interface design and the methods need to wire-frame and prototype a mobile user experience. Additionally the students will learn the basic skills required to become a freelancer.  Solid computer skills or basic programming skills are required for this course. Consider furthering your knowledge base with additional coursework in Computer Information Systems Software Development Short- Term Technical Certificate or Associates Degree in Mobile Device Application Development.

Security Skills:

  • Fundamentals of PC Security
    Targeted toward small and medium sized businesses. Gain understanding in various security issues such as protecting yourself from malicious users on the Internet; signs and symptoms of an attack; select and use anti spyware, anti spam products and more; how to clean up your computer so your system will run efficiently, saving hours of time, money and frustration. Prerequisites – basic web browsing and computer skills. Available for groups of 6 or more.
  • Introduction to IPv6 - students will learn the features of
    the IPv6 protocol and deployment considerations to coexist with IPv4. Focus will be on understanding how the protocol differs from IPv4 and new security issues that could be exploited in IPv6. A hands-on lab will demonstrate the configuration elements of routers, Windows and Linux host computers. Available for groups of 6 or more.
  • SANS-Hacker Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling- GCIH 504-This course is targeted to IT security personnel who have responsibilities for incident handling, system administration or other personnel who are first responders when a system comes under attack. Learn hands-on how to find and prevent vulnerabilities before the “bad guys” do.  Once the student has learned how to find vulnerabilities, they will be shown how to check for any intrusions, and then learn how to develop a comprehensive incident handling plan. Additionally, the course explores the legal issues associated with responding to computer attacks, including employee monitoring, working with law enforcement, and handling evidence. 
  • Sans Security Essentials- SEC 401-Maximize your training time and turbo-charge your career in security by learning the full SANS Security Essentials curriculum needed to qualify for the GSEC certification. In this course you will learn the language and underlying theory of computer security. At the same time you will learn the essential, up-to-the-minute knowledge and skills required for effective performance if you are given the responsibility for securing systems and/or organizations. This course meets both of the key promises SANS makes to students: (1) You will gain up-to-the-minute knowledge you can put into practice immediately upon returning to work; and, (2) You will be taught by the best security instructors in the industry. The course is targeted to security professionals who want to fill the gaps in their understanding of technical information security, managers who want to understand information security beyond simple terminology and concepts and anyone new to information security with some background in information systems and networking IAT Level II of the Department of Defense's Baseline Certification for 8570.     
    : This course is endorsed by the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) NSTISSI 4013 Standard for Systems Administrators in Information Systems Security (INFOSEC). 

    Interested in IT training, contact Lori at or 440-366-7405. 

Project Management:

  • CompTIA Project+ is a globally recognized project management certification that provides validation of fundamental project management skills. It covers the entire project life cycle from initiation and planning through execution, acceptance, support and closure. There are no prerequisites,and candidates are not required to submit an application or complete additional hours of continuing education. Available for groups of 6 or more.
  • MS Project – Use planning methods and tools to improve project planning and scheduling in your organization. Create project plans and milestones, work with project resources, handle scheduling conflicts, track progress and much more. Available for groups of 6 or more.
  • Project Management Training: Core Tools for Successful Project Management, Certificate in Applied Project Management (PMP), Exam Preparation for PMP, Project Management for Manager- For full course details go to
  • Intro to Webpage Design-Includes training to create your own webpage as well as search engine optimization techniques.

Office/Business IT Training:

Online Training

Ed2Go provides hundreds of online courses in almost every IT area as well as courses to enhance other work-related skills. Check out hundreds of Ed2Go courses here .

Business Skills for IT Professionals

  • Supervisor/Managerials Essentials Certificate
  • Ethics in the Workplace
  • Making Meetings Work
  • Time and Change Management
  • Business/E-mail Etiquette
  • Dealing with Difficult People 
  • Performance Management and Productivity 
  • Public Speaking
  • Problem Solving
  • Coaching for Success
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Questions on above courses/programs

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