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The Lorain County Manufacturing Council, has been established as a 501 (C-3) not-for-profit organization, working in partnership with the Lorain County Commissioners, Lorain County Community Development, Lorain County Community College, Lorain County Chamber of Commerce, GLIDE, and the local manufacturing business community.

Value Proposition
The Manufacturing Council is unique in its approach to retain and grow manufacturing in Lorain County. 

  • The Council offers its members a dedicated “manufacturing focus” that currently is not available in Lorain County in that the Council is made up of manufacturers, by manufacturers, for manufacturers 
  • The Council, through its Director, provides the member companies the experienced manufacturing leadership to proactively work with them to help understand the impediments that they face and help them find solutions to those issues 
  • The Council provides its members a venue to interact with other members with peer collaboration to share expertise in solving mutual manufacturing related issues 
  • The Council provides a comprehensive database for existing resources (Training, Financing, Grants, Tax Incentives) in the county that can be utilized by manufacturers to make all existing programs more readily disseminated to local manufacturers
  • The Council serves as  the vehicle to disseminate new manufacturing technologies, and create awareness of existing educational programs 
  • The Council assists its member companies in identifying products/services that could bring new revenue streams or expanding manufacturing capabilities
  • The Council provides Lorain County a strong workforce development tool to not only ensure that manufacturers can continue to provide jobs for their existing employees but for the current and future residents of the County and our young people as they graduate from high schools and colleges
  • The Council provides a comprehensive website of manufacturing information about Lorain County that includes information regarding:
    • Infrastructure of the county
    • Information about manufacturing and supply chain base in the county
    • Links to member company websites
    • Manufacturing Council events
    • Links to existing resources in the county of interest to the manufacturing community such as training, funding/financing opportunities at both the local and state levels

          Member Benefits 

          • Sharing “Best in Class” strengths of Mfg. in Lorain County
          • Facilitated peer collaboration, and networking events
          • Learn of new mfg techniques and best practices
          • Highlight continuing educational opportunities
          • Complimentary advisory services
          • Being part of the Lorain County Manufacturing Website with links to their company websites
          • Shared discount program from affiliate member suppliers
          • Quarterly meeting platform to exchange ideas, highlight members, gain knowledge about a community or government support organization, and learn new efficient techniques
          • Quarterly seminars for in depth review of interested topics
          • Participation in an Annual Lorain County Mfg Trade Show
          • Access to a peer assistance to help member companies solve problems 
          • Access to Mfg Support database of resources available for:
            • Training / Continuing Education Manufacturing Programs
            • Financing / Grants
            • New Technology
            • Tax Incentives
            • Discounted Direct Services to Manufacturers
            • Complimentary Trade Organizations

                  Membership is divided into two categories as defined below:

                  1. CORE MEMBERSHIP  is open to any manufacturing company, not-for-profit entity, or govt. entity located in Lorain County. 
                    Core membership -$350/yr
                  2. AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP is open to companies that are either directly or indirectly involved in the manufacturing process (i.e. material suppliers, distributors, service providers, educational institutions, etc.) or manufacturing companies located outside of Lorain County. 
                    Affiliate Membership - $450/yr + “supplier shared discount” provision

                  Please click here for a printable membership application.

                  For further information, please contact John Butkowski at:

                  The Lorain County Manufacturing Council
                  1005 Abbe Road North
                  Elyria, OH 44035

                  Phone: 440-366-4049



                  Presidential Search

                  The search for a president to succeed retiring President Dr. Roy A. Church is officially underway 
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