Daily Crime Log

Daily Crime Log

Below are reported crimes on the LCCC Elyria campus.

Report MonthReport YearNature of OffenseALEIR Report NumberDate/Time ReportedDate/Time Offense OccuredGeneral LocationDisposition
October2013Larceny-Theft2013103410/16/2103 11:45 AM10/11/2013 1930-10/14/2013 0830PEActive
March2014Burglary201403143/28/2014 6:40 AM3/27/2014 2012 College CenterActive
March2014Larceny-Theft by Deception201403113/26/2014 12:25 PM3/25/2014 1330LC/CC Bridge CafeActive
March2014Larceny-Theft201403093/21/2014 2:45 PM3/21/2014 1425Gamers LoungeClosed- Item recovered
February2014Larceny-Theft201402312/26/2014 1:00 PM02/26/2014 1145Outside PS buildingActive
February2014Larceny-Theft201402062/10/2014 6:00 PM2/10/2014 0645-1100Lot 5Active
January2014Larceny-Theft201401031/14/2014 3:00 PM1/10/2014 12-1330CLEActive
December2013Larceny-theft2013120812/2/2013 5:30 PM12/2/2103 1730HSActive
November2013Larceny-Theft2013112611/27/2013 5:20 PM11/27/2013 1300-1700LCActive
October2013Larceny-Theft2013104610/28/2013 5:30 PM10/28/2013 0730-1430Lot 6Active
October2013Larceny-Theft2013103610/21/2013 3:40 PM10/16/2013 1300-1800 10/21/2103 0800-1500CC Active
October2013Larceny-Theft2013103810/16/2013 5:25 PM10/16/2013 1530-1630PEActive
October2013Vandalism 2013101010/7/2013 9:30 AM10/4/2013-10/7/2013iLoftActive
October2013Larceny-Theft2013100210/1/2013 11:00 AM10/1/2013 0745-1000ECActive
September2013Larceny-Theft201309359/26/2013 3:30 PM9/26/2013 1400-1500CC/AT LinkActive
September2013Larceny-theft201309119/10/2013 12:30 PM8/27/2013 1100-1545Lot 5Active
September2013Larceny-Theft201309079/4/2013 1:00 PM9/4/2013 1146CC MallActive
September2013Larceny Theft201309019/3/2013 10:00 AM9/3/2013 1000CC MallActive
September2013Larceny-Theft201308178/29/2013 12:00 AM8-28-13 0900-1400CC-ATC LinkActive
April2013Larceny Theft201304084/2/2013 8:40 AM04/01/2013 2200-2330University Partnership Ridge CampuReferred North Ridgeville Police
March2013Larceny Theft201303073/7/2013 12:00 AM3/7/2013 Lab Sciences construction siteActive
February2013Larceny Theft201302172/15/2013 10:00 AM2/15/2013 0912CC MallCase closed; item recovered; referred code of conduct
January2013Larceny-Theft201301051/16/2013 12:00 PM01/16/2013 1000Lot 6Active
October2012Inducing Panic2012104410/29/2012 10:00 AM10/29/2012Modular Classroom B101Adult Arrest
October2012Vandalism2012102510/18/2012 8:00 AMunknownPSOpen
October2012Larceny-Theft2012102910/16/2012 4:00 PM10/16/2012 1109Lot 3 SouthReferred Elyria PD
October2012Theft2012102210/15/2012 1:00 PM10/15/2012 1100CCSolved
October2012Inducing panic2012101610/11/2012 11:00 AM10/10/2012UCArrest
September2012Larceny-Theft201210059/27/2012 3:00 PM9/27/2012 1400LCActive
September2012Larceny-Theft201209429/27/2012 2:00 PM9/24/2012 0900iLoftReferred Code of Conduct
September2012Menacing201209379/25/2012 1:00 PM9/24/2012Off Campus Apartment ComplexReferred Code of Conduct
September2012Larceny-Theft201209369/25/2012 12:00 PM9/17/2012-9/21/2012PC 113Referred International Initiatives
September2012Larceny-Theft201209299/19/2012 12:00 PM9/19/2012LC Referred Code of Conduct
September2012Assault201209209/19/2012 11:00 AM9/19/2012 1056CourtyardReferred Code of Conduct; Elyria PD Citations
September2012Larceny-Theft201209189/14/2012 3:00 PM9/14/2012 1440CC MallReferred Code of Conduct
September2012Larceny-Theft201209359/14/2012 3:00 PM9/12/2012-9/14/2012Gamer's LoungeActive
September2012Hate Crime201209139/11/2012 12:00 PMUnknownBU/iLoft BridgeportActive
September2012Fraudulent Activity201209109/7/2012 10:20 AMVarious datesToledo, OhioActive
August2012Larceny-Theft201208138/28/2012 2:30 PM8/28/2012 1300-1400CC MallReferred Code of Conduct
August2012Vandalism201208018/1/2012 1:00 PMUnknownCC Men's 2nd floor restroomActive
March2012Vandalism-College Property201203193/24/2012 4:35 PM2/27/2012-3/24/2012SC 1st floor men's restroomReferred to Elyria PD
March2012Larceny-Theft201203173/22/2012 12:00 AM3/21/2012 7am-8pmLCActive
March2012Larceny-Theft201203163/20/2012 12:35 AM3/20/2012 12:25 AMLCItem recovered. Code of conduct meeting pending.
February2012Indecent Exposure201202062/3/2012 12:50 AM2/3/2012 12:50 AMCourtyardReferred to Elyria PD
January2012Larceny-Theft201202081/31/2012 8:00 PM1/31/2012 07:35 PMLot 2 SouthReferred to Elyria PD
August2011Larceny-Theft201100008/1/2011 12:00 AM8/1/2011 12:00 AMPE Locker roomActive


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