Advising and Counseling

Advising and Counseling

Location: LC 158
On-Campus: 4032
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Specialty Advising Teams – Your Own Personal Advisor

You asked and we listened!

As an LCCC student, beginning Fall Semester 2016, you will be assigned a Specialty Advising Team Member based on your program or major. Under this new system, you will work with the same Specialty Advising Team Member every time you visit Enrollment Services for help.

Special Advising Team Members are academic advisors, counselors or student success coaches who are trained to advise students about academic and career goals. Each member will be specialized to support you in your education, based on your program or major.

This new advisement model was designed with your success in mind. It will help you:

  • Connect with a familiar face every time you meet with your advisor 
  • Reduce your wait time when meeting with an advisor 
  • Provide specialized advising based on your program or major 
  • Connect you with resources specific to your program pathway 
  • Greatly improve your chances for success

How will I know who my Specialty Team Advising Member is?

Your Advisor is listed on the right side of the MyCampus Student Services page. 

  • Log into MyCampus 
  • Click on Student Services 
  • Look for your Advisor’s name in the right sidebar

While you’re in MyCampus, check to make sure your major is accurate. Advisors are assigned based on your program of study.

How do I schedule an appointment?

For your convenience, you can schedule appointments with your Specialty Advising Team Member online, minimizing your wait time. Find your advisor in the list below and click on the corresponding "Schedule an Appointment" link.

Walk-ins will continue to be served on a limited basis. During peak enrollment times, all students will be served on a walk-in basis only.

Appointments can also be scheduled in-person at the Career Services or Enrollment Services front desk on the first floor of the Bass Library.


Find Your Advisor

Login to MyCampus - Click Student Services - Check the Right Column


Advisor Phone Schedule Online

  Cynthia Arrendondo

 (440) 366-4196


  Lauren Bieler

 (440) 366-4798

 Schedule an Appointment

  Fred Bell

 (440) 366-7673

 Schedule an Appointment

  Teresa Cassidy

 (440) 366-7745

 Schedule an Appointment

  Amanda Churchill

 (440) 366-4153

 Schedule an Appointment  

  Bernadette Colegrove

 (440) 366-7646

 Schedule an Appointment

  Espy Correa

 (440) 366-7321

 Schedule an Appointment

  Saundra Daniels

 (440) 366-7662

 Schedule an Appointment

  Jesse Day

 (440) 366-4794

 Schedule an Appointment

  Ursula Delahunty

 (440) 366-4104


  Carrie Delaney

 (440) 366-4726

 Schedule an Appointment

  Julie Ford

 (440) 366-7664

 Schedule an Appointment

  Thalia Fountain

 (440) 366-7683

 Schedule an Appointment

  Jason Gibson

 (440) 366-7748

 Schedule an Appointment

  Kei Graves

 (440) 366-4103

 Schedule an Appointment

  Allison Groesch

 (440) 366-4172

 Schedule an Appointment

  Klare Heston

 (440) 366-4779

 Schedule an Appointment

  Andrea Horning

 (440) 366-4770  Schedule an Appointment

  Whitney Hougland

 (440) 366-7702


  Cynthia Hudson

 (440) 366-7640

 Schedule an Appointment

  Sarah Hudson

 (440) 366-4171

 Schedule an Appointment

  Barbara Huff

 (440) 366-7373

 Schedule an Appointment

  Tom Ilcisko

 (440) 366-4175

 Schedule an Appointment

  Dwight Juba

 (440) 366-4736

 Schedule an Appointment

  Quentin Kuntz

 (440) 366-4776

 Schedule an Appointment

  Nadia Leary  (440) 366-4722

 Schedule an Appointment

  Lisa Lindblom

 (440) 366-4188

 Schedule an Appointment

  Catherine Loboda

 (440) 366-4784

 Schedule an Appointment

  Janet Maltbie

 (440) 366-4742

 Schedule an Appointment

  Wendy Matthews

 (440) 366-7705

 Schedule an Appointment

  Lindsey Maurer

 (440) 366-4191

 Schedule an Appointment

  Julie Minarczik

 (440) 366-7614

 Schedule an Appointment

  Stacey Mitchell

 (440) 366-4744


  Carolyn Modic

 (440) 366-4757

 Schedule an Appointment

  Nancy Mowrey

 (440) 366-4173

 Schedule an Appointment

  Suk Ng

 (440) 366-4758

 Schedule an Appointment

  Greg Northeim

 (440) 366-4731

 Schedule an Appointment

  Janet Nowak

 (440) 366-7630

 Schedule an Appointment

  Ken Oblak

 (440) 366-4759

 Schedule an Appointment

  Krista O'Neill

 (440) 366-7642


  Judy Pietch

 (440) 366-4187

 Schedule an Appointment

  Nicole Starkey

 (440) 366-7078

 Schedule an Appointment

  Wendy Stone Scott

 (440) 366-7742

 Schedule an Appointment

  Karen Tomcko

 (440) 366-4823

 Schedule an Appointment

  Dennis Walters

 (440) 366-4769

 Schedule an Appointment

  Ross Whitson

 (440) 366-7081

 Schedule an Appointment



LCCC Learning Center Advising

LCCC Community Learning Center at Lorain High School
(440) 233-2302
Walk-in hours
Thursdays:  9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and 2:30-6:30 p.m.

LCCC Learning Center at City Center in Lorain
(440) 366-4500
Walk-in Hours
Wednesdays:    9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and 2:30-6:30 p.m.



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