Amanda Hoover

Amanda Hoover of Elyria chose – like many high school graduates – to go away for college.

Like many she also admits that after several years at another college that she “had absolutely no idea what I was doing.”

“I originally attended a four year university straight out of high school and was not performing well, so I transferred to LCCC after two years of being away,” Hoover recalls. “I ended up falling in love with LCCC so much that I decided to enrolled in the UP program so that I could finish up my bachelor degree at LCCC main campus.”

But just returning to LCCC alone was not enough to get her focused on what she wanted to do.  It was when she joined the Students In Free Enterprise organization (now called Enactus) that things started to click for her.  It may also have helped sway her from dropping out of college.

“This organization completely changed my life,” Hoover said.  “I joined it when I was debating about leaving college.

Enactus is a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to enable human progress. It establishes student programs on campuses across the nation. Enactus students apply business concepts to develop community outreach projects, transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world.

The key for Hoover was making the connecting between what she was learning in class and applying it in the real world.  Enactus helped her do that.

“Enactus taught me how important it is to learn to work as a team and how many people in the world are in need of assistance,” she said.  “It taught me how to help a struggling small business. It also taught me how to be a leader.”

With the support she received from LCCC Business faculty and her Enactus advisor and marketing class instructor Maria McConnell, Hoover blossomed.

She began spending more time on campus, making friends, getting a job on campus and serving as Enactus president for three years.

“I feel like I have really become a part of LCCC's campus community, something that if you would have asked me about several years ago if that would ever happen I probably would have laughed and said ‘Not, A Chance’,” Hoover said.

A self-admitted Starbucks addict (“Most people wouldn’t recognize me without a Starbucks cup in my hand,” she said), she will graduate with a Bachelor in Business Administration Management degree from Kent State University through LCCC’s University Partnership.

After graduation she plans to pursue a job in marketing and work on her MBA.


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