Printing on Campus Computers

Process for Printing on LCCC Public Computers

Frequently Asked Questions

To print from public computers:


Click “print.”

A login screen will open


Credit and UP Students: To print using your LCCC/UP student free printing credits enter your MyCampus user name and password.


Non-Credit Students and Community Users: To print using a printing card that you purchased, enter the login information that is on the printing card. 

Click “OK.”

Your document will be sent to the printer.

Go to the printer and log into the release station with the user name and password that you used to send the job to the printer. Click on “print” under Action to print your job.

The print system will log you out after one minute to prevent others from printing from your account.


Keep in mind that if you print you WILL be charged (either against your free printing credits or your purchased printing card).

When in doubt, ask a LAB AIDE or STAFF.

In order to help manage campus printing costs and reduce paper waste, Lorain County Community College has instituted a print-management process for all public campus computers. The process is part of our ongoing goal to manage LCCC operating costs, which in turn, helps to keep tuition affordable for all our students.

All printing from LCCC public computers is charged at the rate of:

  • Black and white page $ .05 per sheet of paper (single-side or double-sided page)

LCCC credit students, University Partnership students and students attending The University of Akron classes at Midpoint Campus Center will receive printing credits at the start of each term:

LCCC Credit Students
All LCCC credit students automatically receive $10 worth of printing credits at the start of each term, which will enable students to print 200 sheets. 

Credit students who are taking 12 or more credit hours are entitled to an additional credit of $5 (100 sheets). To have the additional $5 credit added to your printing account, visit the LCCC Bookstore or the main desk at your LCCC outreach center. Personnel will verify your credit hours and add the additional credits to your account.

If a student has used all of his/her printing credits during the term, printing cards may be purchased at the LCCC Bookstore and at print-card vending machines located across the main campus and at the learning centers. 

  • Cards sold in printing-card vending machines are available in $1 denominations (20 sheets). 
  • Cards purchased at the LCCC Bookstore are available in $1 and $5 denominations.

University Partnership Students
University Partnership (UP) students will receive printing cards when they pick up their student identification cards in the Bass Library.  UP students will receive printing cards with a value of $10 (200 sheets). Additional printing cards may be purchased in the LCCC Bookstore and at printing-card vending machines located across campus and at the learning centers.

University of Akron Students Attending Midpoint Campus Center
The University of Akron students attending Midpoint Campus Center will receive printing cards with a value of $10 (200 sheets).  Visit the Midpoint Campus Center front desk to receive your printing cards.

Non-Credit Students and Community Users
Lorain County Community College does not provide free printing for non-credit students or community users from our public computers.  Printing cards may be purchased in the LCCC Bookstore or at vending machines located across campus and at the learning centers.  


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