IE 8.0 Technical Requirements

Internet Explorer 9.0, 10 and 11

Check which version of Internet Explorer you are using.
It is located in the Help Menu under About Internet Explorer.

When contacting ANGEL support you will be expected to know where: these things are

  • The address bar
  • Tools menu
  • Compatibility View
  • Internet Options

Locate them using this graphic.

To bring up the Tools menu strike the ALT key on your keyboard. If it does not work then make sure that Internet Explorer is the active program by clicking on it.

Notice that some letters are underlined for example, File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools, Help

These represent keyboard shortcuts Try Striking ALT then T then O

 Shows the Internet Explorer Menu Bar

 These are the Internet Options Tabs they are used to navigate to find most IE settings.

 Internet Options Tabs

1.  Set Your Browser Cache
     a.  Steps for setting your browser’s cache:
          i.  Under Browsing History, select SettingsShows where the Settings button is
          ii.  In the Settings screen, select the Every Time I Visit the Webpage option.
Shows where on the screen every time i visit the webpage is
          iii.   Click OK. The Internet Options screen reappears
          iv.  Click OK


2.  Enable Cookies – Many security software and firewall programs prevent
     cookies from being accepted on your computer.  You need to set your security
     software to Accept or Enable cookies for ANGEL to work properly.
     a.  Steps to enable Cookies on your browser:
          i.   Select Internet Options
          ii.   In the Internet Options screen, select the tab labeled Privacy
          iii.  Move the slider up or down to select a Low or Medium setting
Describes the slider bar and how it works
          iv.  Click OK

3.  Enable Java
     a.  Steps to enable Java:
        i.  The same steps for enabling cookies.


4.  Enable Javascript
     a.  Steps to enable Javascript: (Please Note: Java and Javascript are two completely
         different items)
          i.   Click Tools then choose Internet Options
         ii.    In the Internet Options screen, select the tab labeled Security
         iii.   Click the Custom Level button
         iv.   In the Security Settings screen, scroll down to Scripting/Active Scripting
               (close to the bottom) and Click Enable
         v.   Scroll down to Scripting Java Applets and Click Enable
         vi.  Click OK
         vii.  In the Internet Options screen, Click OK
5.  ANGEL'S Secure Browser
      a.  When viewing ANGEL, sometimes a security warning will pop up making a reference
           to secure items. Depending on which browser you are using, THERE ARE TWO
          i.   In Internet Explorer 8.0 and 9.0, the security box will ask if you only want to
               display non-secure items.
               1.  Click No
               2.  If you mistakenly hit Yes, then the video will not be shown and you must exit
                    the course, then return to it in order to select the correct option
      b.  In order to make your computer remember the answer to the security question,
           follow these instructions:
          i.    Click Tools
          ii.   On the Tools drop-down menu click Internet Options
          iii.   In the Internet Options screen, click on the tab labeled Security
          iv.   In this tab, click on the Custom Level button
          v.   About halfway down, you will see a tab that says Miscellaneous
                1.  Under this tab, you will find an option that says Display Mixed Content
                     a.  There should be three bubble-type selections that can be made. 
                          Click on Allow
                     b.  Click OK. The Internet Options screen reappears
                     c.  Click OK

6.  Compatibility View
     a.  On occasion, those who view ANGEL using Internet Explorer 8.0 or 9.0 may not
          have the full functionality of ANGEL. In this case, switch Internet Explorer 8.0or 9.0
          to Compatibility View.
            i. Under the Tools Menu Select Compatibility View Settings Or strike the keys ALT then T then I
Describes the text to use

7.  Pop-up Blocker.  Pop-up Blockers should either be set to off, or set to allow pop-ups for ANGEL
     i. Pop-up blocker settings are located on the general tab of internet options.



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