Podcasts of Lectures

Accessing Podcasts of Lectures from iTunes U

Computer  •  iPod  •  MP3 Player

Visit Lorain County Community College on iTunes U

Click the image below to log into the LCCC on iTunes site.

iTunes U

 You will be taken the MyCampus login screen.  After logging in please click on Lecture Podcasts from the Student Self Service menu.

Lorain County Community College has partnered with Apple Computer's iTunes U service, which enables LCCC students to download audio and video podcasts of class lectures on their PC and Apple computers.  Podcast can also be downloaded to Apple iPod and standard MP3 players.

The podcasts may be accessed by students enrolled in the participating classes through Apple's iTunes software, in a process similar to visiting the iTunes Music Store.  There is no charge to access any LCCC podcast.

Podcasts are intended as a study aid for students, and should not be a substitute for classroom attendance.

What is a podcast?

Podcasts are essentially MP3 files that can be played directly through your computer and downloaded to Apple iPods. The portability of podcasts enables students to review lectures at their convenience while working out, traveling to and from campus and a variety of other activities.

How can I access podcasts?

There are some key requirements in order to access LCCC podcasts:


  • You must be enrolled in a participating class for the current or upcoming academic term.
  • You must have Apple's iTunes software (version 10.0 or above) installed on your computer to access the LCCC iTunes U site.  If you do not have the correct version, the system will direct you to the Apple iTunes site and prompt you to update your software.  iTunes Music software is available free of charge from the iTunes site.
  • You will need to log into MyCampus with your student id number and password.
  • It is preferred that you have a high-speed Internet connection. Dial-up users may experience long wait times during downloads.

Once you have logged into iTunes, please review the help and instruction information on the iTunes U site.  LCCC can assist you with any login questions.

Directions for downloading lecture content.    

Note: An iPod or MP3 player is not required to access podcasts from your computer.  However, the players can be used to store and play back podcasts that are downloaded from the iTunes U site. 




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