Career Decision Services

 Career Decision Help

  • Wondering which career you should choose?
  • Uncertain about how to get it started?
  • Need to change your career direction?

LCCC offers career decision services in different wCareer Coachays.

    1. On-line:  MyPlan
    2. Career Boot Camp Workshops
    3. The COACH self-help method
    4. One-on-one consultation

If you want to confirm your decision or feel "stuck" then....schedule for a one-on-one consult with a Career Development Specialist

1.  ON-LINE:

MyPlan  An interactive program that helps you discover which occupations would appeal to someone of your temperament, career interests, personal work values, as well as leisure pursuits.  You can also find out about salaries, what preparation would be necessary, trends and environments in which the occupation can be found.


Mini Career Decision Bootcamp for Students  Workshops specially designed to give undecided students what they need to make good career and educational decisions. 

One-on-one Career Consultation  Call our front desk at 440-366-4076 to schedule an appointment.
If you are still undecided after you have completed MyPlan and/or Career Boot Camp, or you want to confirm your decision, you can meet personally with a Career Development Specialist.   


The COACH Career Decision Method  The "Coach Method" offers this checklist of things, (see below), you need to know to help you make your career decision, and the academic preparation that might well be necessary.  Although you might not work through the list in this exact order, you should consider each area.  Career Coach

Take time to explore the web-links.  Caution:  It is not uncommon to get stuck along the way and need special help.  In that case, if you click on the Coach icon, a Career Coach will respond to you.


your interests, skills, abilities, values and personality.  You need to really know yourself and how these elements relate to various occupational fields.  Start with a visit to the Employment and Career Services website.  To begin, register with this interactive career decision programs:  MyPlan. You will learn more about your personal work preferences and the careers that most closely match them.  


Do some investigation of possible careers that interest you!  It is important to know what the short-term and long-term employment outlook is for the careers you are considering.  You also need to know what the educational requirements are.  These websites are great places to start:

Career One Stop  
Occupational Outlook Handbook

Round out your fact-finding by shadowing a person in the profession or interviewing someone who is involved in the career you are considering.  


what you know about yourself and about the world of work - and how they can fit together.   

These links can be very helpful in assessing the information you have gathered.  After working through this process, if you still have some confusion, click on the Career Coach so you can be directed to the proper person for help.
    Explore Careers     The Riley Guide     O*NET Online


a plan of study to prepare and acquire necessary skills. 

When you have made a career choice, check in with an LCCC Career Development Specialist, Academic Advisor or Counselor to design your plan of study.  If possible, plan to get a Work-Based Learning (internship or co/op) experience in your major field before you graduate.  It helps confirm your career decision, and gives you a great head-start in your career. 


from a pro for your job hunt.

When you have made a decision and gained the necessary skills and education for your new career, contact LCCC/Employment and Career Services.  They offer a number of Job Search services to help you get the job you want.  Check out these services:

One-on-one session with a Career Development Specialist (Call our front desk at 440-366-4076 to schedule an appointment.)


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