Program Requirements

Requirements of the Work-Based Learning Courses

  1. Meet with a faculty member, your division office, or the Work-Based Learning [WBL] Coordinator to get permission to participate in the program.  The WBL Coordinator will support your efforts to find a job placement.
  2. Register for the appropriate WBL class with prior approval from the WBL Coordinator. [You will not be attending classes; instead your job site will be your classroom.]
  3. You will be assigned a Faculty Advisor before the work term begins.  Thoughtfully complete the Work-Based Learning Agreement, have your Faculty Advisor and Work Supervisor approve and sign it, and turn it in immediately to the WBL Coordinator after your first week on the job.
  4. Attend the WBL Work Place Success Seminar.  The WBL Coordinator will advise you of the time and place. 
  5. Maintain a weekly log of your work experience.
  6. Communicate with your Faculty Advisor as he/she requires in order to review your experience and to deal with any problems you may encounter.  This is important to help you maximize the benefit you gain from the work experience.  Do not let a problem fester.  You have support available.  If you have any problems, contact your Faculty Advisor or the work-based learning coordinator immediately!
  7. Your Faculty Advisor will make a site visit sometime mid-term.  At this meeting, your Advisor will meet with you and your Work Supervisor.  It is YOUR responsibility to set up this meeting at the proper time.  (Discuss this at the initial meeting with your Faculty Advisor.)
  8. The Final Four-
    These four (4) required elements must be completed and given to your Faculty Advisor the week before finals begin.

a.) A final report, paper, project, product, or portfolio-whatever is required by your Faculty Advisor.  This must be a college-level, professional effort.
b.) The Student Evaluation.  (Did you achieve the goals stated in your Learning Agreement?)
c.) Your Employer's Evaluation of your performance.  (How well did he/she think you achieved your Learning Agreement goals?)
d.) Your completed Log Book.

Note: Be sure you are clear on what your Faculty Advisor expects.  Each program may require something different depending on your major. The purpose is for you to clearly, demonstrate what you learned from your work experience.



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