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Course Research & Redesign Project


Guidelines for Submission and Implementation      

The CTE has been awarded an LCCC Enhancement Funding Grant for Academic Transformation. The Grants purpose is to award research and redesign projects that address the future needs of our students and that reinforce the goals of LCCC's Strategic Plan: Vision 2.0

What is a Course Redesign Project?

Research based approaches that:

  • enhance the quality of learning, student engagement and retention,
  • employ distance learning as a major or partial component of the course, and 
  • reduce overall costs.
Need some help writing your proposal?

Plan on attending a workshop to get one on one assistance in developing your proposal. The fall workshop is scheduled for September 13 from 2:30-3:30 in LC231. If you're unable to attend the workshop you can contact Aimee Dickinson via email or by phone at extension 7876.

Who can apply for a Course Redesign?      

Although the selection committee's focus will remain on the 30 highest enrollment courses at LCCC, other courses are now being considered.

30 Highest Enrollment Courses click here

What makes a successful proposal?

Principles of Course Redesign

The proposed projects should support the five principles of successful course redesign:

  • redesigning the whole course
  • encouraging active learning
  • providing students with individualized assistance
  • building in ongoing assessment and prompt (automated) feedback
  • ensuring sufficient time on task and monitoring student progress.

Criteria for Course Redesign Project Awards

Proposals are evaluated based on Criteria for Course Redesign Project Awards (100 point total).

How do I apply?

Those interested in submitting a final proposal for Fall 2013 must:

Complete the proposal form by October 25th, including the budget calculation form. (see below for appropriate form).

a. Current year: Faculty and Adjunct forms

b. Upcoming year: Faculty and Adjunct forms

Proposal timeline

If your proposal form is submitted in the fall

  • Award letter Fall
  • Research following Spring/Summer
  • Pilot Fall

Final Report submitted 60 days after project's completion. Copy of Final Report made available as a sample to future applicants in the Center for Teaching Excellence office in the Barbara and Mike Bass Library/Community Resource Center.

How can I get more information?

There are two ways to get more information:

Attend the Professional Development Workshop where experts will assist in answering questions about your Course Redesign idea or proposal.

Contact Aimee Dickinson or x7876, Coordinator of Enhancement Redesign Projects and CTE Co-Chair.

What courses have been funded in the past?
  • ECNM 152 Microeconomics  Professor David Amos, 2005
  • ECNM 151 - Macroeconomics, Professor David Amos, 2006
  • PSYH 151 - Introduction to Psychology, Professor Vincent Granito, 2006
  • PLSC 156 - American National Government, Professor Dorinda Smith, 2006
  • BIOG 115 - Body Structure and Function, Professor Janis Thompson, 2007
  • SDEV 101 - College 101, Professor Laurie Grimes, 2007
  • MTHM 021 - Pre-Algebra, Professor Jeff Koleno, 2007
  • ENGL 012 - Writing Review, Professor Heather Kichner, 2007
  • PSYH 251 - Human Growth and Development, Professor James Jordan, 2007
  • CHMY 161 - General, Organic and Biochemistry I, Professor Terrence Green, 2008 
  • HSTR 161 - United States I, Professor David Amos, 2008
  • HSTR 162 - United States II, Professor David Amos, 2008
  • SOCY 151 - Introduction to Sociology, Professor Aimee Dickinson, 2008
  • PEFT 151 - Lifetime Fitness, Professor Doug Herdon, 2009
  • BIOG 121 - Anatomy and Physiology I, Professor Janis Thompson, 2009
  • MTHM 151 - College Mathematics, Professor Bubnick, 2010


Learn more about Course Research & Redesign through these links:

Increasing Success for Underserved Students: Redesigning Introductory Courses
A report examining the impact of the redesign techniques developed by the program in course redesign on the success of adult students, students of color and low-income students. From the National Center for Academic Transformation.

The Learning MarketSpace
Published by the National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT), an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides leadership in using information technology to redesign learning environments to produce better learning outcomes for students at a reduced cost to the institution. 



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