Course Quality Design

    Quality Assurance Course Design

ALL Quality Course Design Grant Forms are listed here for your convenience.
What is a Quality Assurance Course Design grant? 

This grant encourages faculty to assess, enhance and further develop an online or blended course according to quality course design standards developed by LCCC faculty.

Who can participate in the Quality Course Design grant? Interested faculty who currently teach an online or blended course, or faculty who want to develop an online or blended course from an existing on-campus section.
Need some help writing your proposal?
  • Attend the Quality Course Design workshop on February 7th from 2:30-3:30pm in LC231.
  • Contact Aimee Dickinson.
  • You can also refer to the Criteria Sheet for more information.
What makes a successful proposal? 

Proposed projects should support the five principles of QUALITY course design for blended and online courses which has been identified in the criteria of the LCCC Course Quality Annotated Checklist.

Proposals for Spring 2014 are due by April 18, 2014.


The main Checklist categories are:

  1. Introduction/getting started
  2. Organizational design/navigation/findability
  3. Learning outcomes/Objectives
  4. Assessments
  5. Course material, Interaction and Engagement


Proposals are evaluated based on the following criteria (100 points total).

Using the Course Quality Checklist criteria, rate your course.

25 pts.

Utilizing the Course Quality Checklist criteria and your ratings, describe three ways you want to improve or enhance your course and how you plan to do that (Three paragraphs)

25 pts.

Explain how these changes (that you described above) will improve retention and student success in relation to the Principles set forth in Vision 2.0.

15 pts.

Provide a pre-assessment survey link in a current section of the course that is being proposed for Quality Assurance Design to surveys the students. (REQUIRED)

10 pts.

Instructional Design Team (stipend): Although peer reviewers will be assigned, what services do you need from an instructional designer or technologist for questions, specialized training, or support with design or development of course materials?*

5 pts.

Instructional Technology (cost):  What software or online resources do you need for the creation of video, audio, or learning object content or other resources during your grant cycle?  If so, please specify the type of specialized resources you will need and provide the expected cost.  

15 pts.

Are you willing to share your experience and results with CTE as a Professional Development workshop? Provide a few sentences describing this.

5 pts.

*Instructional Design Team support could include extensive assistance with course design, video development, audio development, or software technology.


 Click here for a copy of the proposal form.

How can I get funding for additional course content?

Small stipends may be available for faculty training and course content design and development.  See the proposal form for more detail. If additional course content is needed to revise the course design you can add it in to the proposal, making sure to include specific information on the content being requested and the cost. The cost of the additional content will be considered with the rest of the proposal.

What are the phases of the grant cycle?

Those interested in submitting a Quality Course Design proposal must:

Proposal submission:

  1. Complete the proposal form, place the survey link into a current section of your course, and complete the self-assessment of your course with the Quality Assurance Course Design Checklist.

Initial semester:

  1. Complete the Online Faculty Training Course (See exceptions in the proposal form)
  2. Consult with instructional design team 
  3. Create and/or revise your course

The following semester:

  1. The lead reviewer checks course readiness for formal review.
  2. The Review team (lead reviewer and two peer reviewers) will formally review the course according to the Course Quality Checklist. 
  3. The Lead reviewer provides feedback and works with the instructor on any revisions to the course. 
  4. Once the course meets the QA expected standards, the course receives the LCCC Seal of Course Design Excellence.


How can I get more information? 

Contact Aimee Dickinson or ext. 7876, Coordinator of Quality Assurance Course Design projects.










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