Request For Information

CTE logo      Request For Information (RFI)

What is a Request For Information?

Information Gathering on Course Research and Redesign Pilot Projects. 

  • In developing a project, teams of faculty, administrators and staff may attend workshops, pay for a Redesign Scholar through the NCAT to visit the campus and/or visit institutions that have implemented course redesign projects.
  • These visits will serve as a way to learn more about redesign models, understand the process of implementing a course redesign, gather both best practices and challenges from past projects and potential budget considerations in implementation.
Who can apply for a RFI?      

This project is for faculty who wish to learn more about the course redesign models and explore past projects and research.

Expectations of the Committee
  • Faculty will need to demonstrate an initial understanding of the four models of course redesign as described by the National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT).
  • Have made contact with a lead person from past projects.
  • Develop goals for information gathering.
  • Present back to the CTE and LCCC faculty on information gained through this process.
  • Provide advanced information gathered on Course Redesign Models, including contacting members of the design teams at other institutions.
  • Develop a budget, including travel costs, release time, and any materials.
  • Create a possible connection between Course Redesign Models and existing 30 Highest enrolled LCCC course.
  • Deliver a major presentation to LCCC faculty and the Center for Teaching Excellence staff.
  • Move forward to completing a proposal for a course redesign proposal or provide an argument for why a course redesign cannot be completed.
How do I apply?

Those interested in submitting a final proposal must:

1. Submit by October 25, 2013 including the budget calculation form (see below for appropriate form).

a. Current year: Faculty and Adjunct forms

b. Upcoming year: Faculty and Adjunct forms

Proposal timeline

If your proposal form is submitted in the fall

  • Award letter spring
  • research following summer/fall
  • pilot spring

If your proposal is submitted in the spring term

  • Award letter late spring/early summer
  • research summer/fall
  • pilot spring


Need some help writing your proposal?

Please plan on attending a Course Redesign hands-on workshop on Friday September 13, 2013 from 2:30-3:30 p.m. in LC 231.

Contact Aimee Dickinson or x7876, Coordinator of Enhancement Redesign Projects and CTE Co-Chair.

What courses have been funded in the past?
  • ENGL 161 - College Composition I, Professor Kim Greenfield, 2010 
  • ENGL 162 - College Composition II, Professor Kim Greenfield, 2010


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