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What Is Entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship is the process of launching, owning, and running a new business venture which begins at a small scale and may grow into a successful small, medium, or large company.  Entrepreneurs must be willing to take risks and possess the vision to embrace new ideas or business opportunities that transfer to the marketplace for a profit.  To succeed entrepreneurs must exhibit or develop a variety of skills which include business know-how, innovation, creativity and good technology skills. Potential Entrepreneurs may seek career opportunities as the sole proprietor of a business or may decide to apply their skills in an entrepreneurial company or family owned business.

If you would like to learn first-hand about the realities of being or becoming an entrepreneur check out Lorain County Community College’s (LCCC) Entrepreneurship Experiential Education Program.  

Here are some ways you can learn more about the field of entrepreneurship: 

  • Invite an entrepreneur to speak at a special event or club meeting
  • Shadow an entrepreneur for the day at their place of business
  • Schedule informational interviews with entrepreneurs so you can gather career information and learn more about a business enterprise
  • Earn academic credit for paid co-ops or internships with our resident entrepreneurs

Do you think you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Click here to download an assessment (assessment provided by the National Council on Economic Education).

For more information about how to get started in an entrepreneurship education program, visit LCCC Employment and Career Services in LC 132.

To learn more about the entrepreneurship resources available to you, access the web links below.

Entrepreneurship at LCCC

The following academic programs, clubs and resources are available to explore entrepreneurship or prepare for a career as an entrepreneur.

Educational Opportunities

Students In Free Enterprise
The club is open to all LCCC students who are interested in exploring careers in the business world. This is done by activities such as guest speakers, seminars, and company tours. Students can have active roles through their involvement with companies and learn leadership skills.   Email:

Additional Entrepreneurship Resources
Below are additional resources students may use to explore entrepreneurship or launch their own businesses. 

Start a Business
These resources may also assist students in starting a business.



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Earn College Credit For Work and Life Experience

Attend an information session for Prior Learning Assessment and find out about the methods used to help you earn college credit for what you have learned through work and life experiences.
Click here to learn more and register.


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MyTuition Guarantee

LCCC students now have the opportunity to participate in the MyTuition Guarantee. This new program holds tuition and fee rates for students registering in fall 2014 and spring 2015 for up to three years or until the completion of a degree, whichever comes first.
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