LiveSmart Health Care Incentives

To encourage full-time employees and their spouses to lead healthier lifestyles, the LiveSmart Program offers what are known as the Level 1 and 2 Health Care Incentives.   

To earn the Level 1 Incentive, you and/or your spouse will need to:

To earn the Level 2 Incentive, you and/or your spouse will need to:

  • Earn the Level 1 Incentive, and 
  • Have a physician indicate on the Preventive Care Verification Form that you/your spouse have at least three of the five factors which contribute to Metabolic Syndrome (description below) under control, and 
  • Sign the Tobacco-Free affidavit at the bottom of the form.

Additional incentive information…

Level 1 Health Care Incentive

  • If you are enrolled in one of the college's medical plans and earn the incentives, you will receive discounts on your medical insurance premiums or additional contributions to your Health Savings Account, if you are enrolled in the High Deductible Health Plan.
  • If you and/or your spouse are not enrolled in one of the college's medical plans and earn the incentives, you will receive a cash bonus.  To do so however, you will need to contact Sharon Whitmore in the Human Resources Office at prior to September 27, 2013, so that she can obtain special access for you to complete the Health Risk Assessment as a non-subscriber.
  • Any incentives earned by your spouse will serve to increase the amount of your premium discount/cash bonus.
  • Before your spouse can receive credit for earning any incentives, you must earn the Level 1 Incentive.
  • If you and/or your spouse already had a preventive health care visit earlier this calendar year, the doctor can still complete and sign a Preventive Care Verification form on your behalf. 
  • If you are enrolled in one of the college's medical plans, you have coverage for one annual routine physical, an annual well-woman's visit, and routine mammogram each calendar year. For purposes of insurance coverage, the physical, well-woman's visit, and/or mammogram you had last year and the ones you have in 2013 do not have to be 12 months apart; they just have to take place in separate calendar years. 

Level 2 Health Care Incentive

  • Metabolic Syndrome refers to a combination of medical disorders that significantly increase the risk of someone developing heart disease or a stroke.  The five factors are listed below and are considered to be under control if the measurements are as follows:


Waist circumference

 < 35" for women & < 40" for men


 < 150 mg/dL


 > 50 mg/dL for women and > 40 mg/dL for men

Blood pressure

 < 120/80

Fasting glucose

 < 110 mg/dL

  • For purposes of the discount, the college will consider you to have the Metabolic Syndrome factors under control, even if you are doing so with the assistance of medication. 
  • If you or your spouse have a medical condition which would make it medically unadvisable for you/your spouse to meet the metabolic standards, you/your spouse can still earn the Level 2 Incentive (so long as you can sign the tobacco affidavit).   


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