Personal Training Fee Waiver Benefit

LivesmartPersonal Training Fee Waiver Benefit

The Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) Division offers a Personal Training fitness course, which provides a personal fitness assessment, individual fitness program design, exercise equipment introduction, and the opportunity to work out on a one-to-one basis with a fitness coach. A Muscle Activation Technique and Bod Pod (body composition testing) course is an alternate option for the Personal Training session. Full-time LCCC employees, their spouses and dependent children age 16 years and older, and retirees who elect to take either of these courses are eligible to receive special personal training fee waivers. The personal training fee waivers are provided on the following basis:

An employee/spouse/dependent child/retiree utilizing the personal training benefit for the first time is eligible to receive fee waivers for 10 one hour training sessions in the first fiscal year of his/her participation in the Personal Training program.

An employee/spouse/dependent child/retiree utilizing the personal training benefit beyond his/her initial first year of usage is eligible to receive fee waivers for 5 one hour sessions fully covered by the personal training fee waiver.

An employee/spouse/dependent child/retiree utilizing the personal training benefit beyond their fully covered fee waiver options is eligible for an additional 5 one hour sessions each fiscal year provided at a cost equal to 50% of the full course rate.

The sessions can be used anytime during the fiscal year and are not limited to use during a particular semester. Consequently, employees/spouses/dependent children/retirees can register for the personal training fee waivers at anytime during the fiscal year.

Additional sessions beyond these fee waiver options within a fiscal year will be billed to the participant at the current full course rate.

Unused personal training sessions cannot be carried over to a new fiscal year and are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Each person who is registering for the Personal Training course will need to complete a Personal Training Fee Waiver/Registration form (available below). After downloading and completing both pages of the form, the enrollee will need to submit it to the HPER Division (PE 104) to obtain verification of his/her eligibility for the Personal Training course selected. HPER will then forward the completed form to the Records Office for registration purposes. The Records Office will in turn forward it to the Bursar’s Office for final processing and waiver of fees.

Registrants are asked to wait one week after submitting their fee waiver/registration form to the HPER Division before calling ext. 7348 to make an appointment for their first session with a certified personal trainer.

For more information regarding the college’s instructional fee waiver benefit, please refer to:

Policy III-313: Waiver of Instructional Fees
Procedure III-313: Waiver of Instructional Fees 

Kathryn Orantek,  or ext. 7348.

Form: Personal Training Fee Waiver/Registration Form


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