New Graduate Award

Congratulations on Your High School Graduation

We invite you to join us this summer at Lorain County Community College by taking advantage of the New Graduate Award. As a 2014 Lorain County graduating high school senior, you can register for three credits at $118.34* per credit hour and sign up for an additional three credits for only $1 per credit plus textbooks, lab fees, general fees and other special fees. (*tuition rates subject to change. Additional fees apply).

  • Recipients of LCCC's Trustee, Presidential and Diversity Incentive Award (DIA) scholarships are also eligible for three free hours this summer as an enhancement to their scholarships.

Whether you’re interested in earning credits that transfer toward a bachelor’s degree or courses that will start to prepare you for a job, LCCC has just what you need. If after reading through this information you’re still a bit unsure, give us a call toll-free at 1 (800) 995-LCCC (extension 4032) or dial direct at (440) 366-4032. We’ll be happy to meet with you to help you get started this summer.


Click here to download the New Graduate Award Registration Kit.             

A Special Award for Lorain County’s Class of 2014

Here’s What To Do:

  1. Complete the LCCC Application for Admission if you have never taken an LCCC credit class before.

  2. Request that an official copy of your high school transcript be sent to LCCC’s Records Office. Also request that a final official transcript (noting your graduation) be sent to the Records Office when available.

  3. Review the Summer Class Schedule.

  4. Select the courses you want to take and complete the Course Registration Form. If you want to take a math course or English 161/Composition I, or if you want to enroll for more than six credits, you probably need to complete the placement process, which evaluates your math, reading and writing skills. You can complete this process at your convenience in LCCC’s COMPASS (Computer-adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System) lab. Appointments are not necessary. For more information, click here or call (440)366-7654.

  5. If you are planning to transfer your LCCC credits to another college or university, complete the Transcript Request for Summer Semester 2014 form. Also, if you have already been accepted to another college or university, you should contact a counselor at that institution to be sure that these clases will transfer and apply to your degree plans in the manner you’d like.

  6. Mail the completed Application for Admission and other forms to:
    Attention: Records Office
    Lorain County Community College
    1005 N Abbe Road
    Elyria, OH 44035.

  7. Complete the "Transcript Request Form". The official LCCC transcript process for your home institution is free of charge. You do not need to include payment for tuition and fees. A bill for tuition will be sent to you or you may pay online at

  8. Please have your registration packet information in the mail with a postmark of no later than May 16. You may still register under the New Graduate Award program after that date, but it will be necessary to do so in person at LCCC's Enrollment Services, in the Bass Library/Community Resource Center.

  9. Please feel free to visit the LCCC Enrollment Services in the Bass Library/Community Resource Center where you can meet with an LCCC adviser to discuss all of LCCC’s courses and programs and who can assist you with getting started. Appointments are not necessary. Enrollment Services is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and on Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. You may phone the Enrollment Services at 1-800-995-LCCC (extension 4032).

For more information, just give us a call toll-free to 1-800-995-LCCC (extension 4032) or dial us direct at 440-366-4032.


Be a Success. Register Now!

Registration is now open for Summer and Fall classes.  Learn more and register today at

MyTuition Guarantee

LCCC students now have the opportunity to participate in the MyTuition Guarantee. This new program holds tuition and fee rates for students registering in fall 2014 and spring 2015 for up to three years or until the completion of a degree, whichever comes first.
Click here to learn more and to complete the Completion Pledge. 

Hours of Operation

Please note that campus service hours have been adjusted for spring semester. For a list of updated service hours, please visit

Expect Traffic Delays

Road construction on Abbe Road north of LCCC will resume Monday, April 7. Please expect delays when traveling north from LCCC towards Detroit Road.  
Click here for updates and alternate travel routes.

Level Up 2014 Digital Game Development Conference

LCCC will host Level Up 2014 @ LCCC for anyone interested in turning their gaming interest or hobby into a career. 

Friday, May 2
9 a.m to 1 p.m.
Lorain County Community College
Learn more at

1098-T Tax Forms

Students will begin receiving 1098-T tax forms via postal mail in the next several days. Click here for more information about the 1098-T forms.

Save Money on Tuition

Register for 13 to 18 credit hours at LCCC and pay for only 13!

Lorain County WIN

LCCC and the JVS have launched Lorain County WIN (Workforce Innovation Network), a new partnership providing workforce training to Lorain County. Learn more at

Mental Health Online Screenings

The Lorain County Board of Mental Health offers a free online screening tool for mental health disorders.

Click here to learn more.