It’s been nearly three years since Rehab Ali had her first experience with Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) through Lorain County Community College when she was a sophomore at Elyria High School.
Now 17, Rehab will earn her Associate of Arts degree from LCCC in May. She will graduate from high school in June.

“LCCC provided me with an opportunity to graduate with a college degree and a high school diploma at the same time, so I took that opportunity,” she said. “I am thankful for LCCC, and that it can give young adults like me a chance to get farther than we'd ever imagined.”

Rehab is one of a handful of Lorain County high school students who will have an associate’s degree under their belt by the time they graduate high school. Elyria High School is one of many area high schools that offer select PSEO courses in their regular classroom, allowing students to earn college credit while remaining on their high school campus. Rehab had her first taste of PSEO courses at high school when she took Elementary Spanish I and II during her sophomore year.

That same year, she also took her first course on the LCCC campus. By junior year, Rehab chose to take all her courses at LCCC – earning duel credit toward her high school diploma and an associate’s degree. She credits her counselor, Barb Brown, at Elyria High School and her academic counselor at LCCC, Joe Burkhart, for helping her make the transition to life on a college campus.

“Without these two counselors helping me make a transition between high school and college, yet still maintain the same persona, college life would have been difficult. These two people guided me every step of the way,” she said.

In the fall, Rehab will attend the University of Cincinnati where she will study English and Medicine. She expects to complete a bachelor’s degree in English in two years, thanks to the credits she earned at LCCC.

“By going off to a university with my associate’s in hand, it may only take me two years to earn a bachelor’s degree and four to earn a master’s,” she said. “I also have the advantage of knowing what to expect from a college class.”