Welcome Faculty members! This is your stop to learn more information, get involved, or access resources on Service Learning. If you haven't already done so, learn What is Service Learning

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Why Service Learning?

Service Learning is designed to be mutually beneficial for all involved. Learn more about the Benefits of Service Learning. Below are a few highlights of the potential benefits for Faculty:

  • Improve student engagement, satisfaction and retention
  • Enhance applied learning/experiential education opportunities
  • Deepen student understanding of course content
  • Provide students with opportunities to meet real community needs and make a difference
  • Explore your own personal passions and creativity
  • Assist in achieving LCCC's EDUCATION & COMMUNITY cornerstones
  • Other LCCC Benefits: President Letter of Recognition to Dean, personal Faculty Profile, and invite to Level II Advisory Committee

How To Get Involved?

  1. Review Faculty Roadmap to gain a basic understanding of Service Learning and the LCCC Service Learning Program.
  2. Contact the Faculty Liaison for an orientation or to ask questions.

Teaching with Service Learning 

Below are a few resources for faculty who are currently/planning to teach with Service Learning.

Faculty Roadmap (pdf)
This Roadmap is a "quick guide" to understanding and beginning with Service Learning.

Faculty Manual
In both a downloadable and online version, the Faculty Manual provides comprehensive and detailed information on teaching with Service Learning as well as participating in the LCCC Service Learning Program.

Community Partner Directory
View a listing of established community organizations who currently partner with the LCCC Service Learning program. (Note: Though LCCC encourages projects that address our main partner needs listed here, LCCC Service Learning projects can also be formed through Faculty/Student identified partners.)

Community Partner Needs/Wish lists
About 1 month before the Fall & Spring semesters begin, the established Community Partners submit their "Wish lists" for potential Service Learning projects. These Wish lists are posted next to the organization's name on the Community Partner Directory. Faculty members can view these needs and contact the partners if they see an initial connection.

Student Webpage
The Student Service Learning page provides resources for both students taking Service Learning courses and Faculty teaching them. Below are three highlights:  

Advanced Topics 
Provides Faculty more knowledge beyond the basics of service learning as well as sample documents (e.g. Timesheets).

Service Learning Faculty Profiles
Provides a list of current LCCC Faculty members who are teaching with Service Learning, their courses, project examples, and contact information. Feel free to contact your fellow colleagues to discuss their Service Learning pedagogy.

Forms Library
Access the main forms used by the Service Learning program.

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