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Welcome Community Partners! This is your stop to learn more information, get involved, or access resources on Service Learning. If you haven't already done so, learn What is Service Learning.

Why Service Learning?

Service Learning is designed to be mutually beneficial for all involved. Learn more about the Benefits of Service Learning. Below are a few highlights of the potential benefits to Community Partners:

  • Increase access to human, financial, and material resources
  • Encourage and participate in civic education and engagement of citizens
  • Improve college-community relations
  • Access to specialized skills/talents provided by students & courses
  • Listing on the Community Partner Directory
  • Invitation to the Annual Service Learning Celebration

How To Get Involved?

To be considered an LCCC Service Learning Community Partner, there are a few criteria the organization must meet.

  1. Be a non-profit or public agency serving community needs.
  2. Interested in promoting students’ academic learning, volunteerism, and civic engagement.
  3. Incorporate risk-management procedures for injury prevention and liability reduction (General Liability Insurance).
  4. Have a responsible contact person who will communicate with students, faculty, and/or staff.
  5. Provide the necessary orientation, training, and supervision of students.
  6. Clearly define the skills needed for and the expectations, responsibilities, and requirements of each service learning assignment.
  7. Understand the Community Partner disclaimer.

Interested in becoming a Community Partner?
Please complete this online form.

Are you a current Community Partner and want to update your organization's information? Click here.

Partner Resources

Community Partner Toolkit
In both a downloadable and online version, the Community Partner Toolkit provides partners with information used in the in-person orientation and on the Service Learning Partnership.

Community Partner Wish list (doc)
Partner Wish lists are collected by the Service Learning Program about 2-3 months before the fall and spring semesters begin. Wish lists are posted on the Community Partner Directory for Faculty members to view and contact partners. The Service Learning Program also actively seeks to fulfill the listed needs by outreach to Faculty/Courses that have a potentially natural fit with that specific need. Even with this active search to address the collected needs, the lists are still "wish" lists in the fact that all needs may not be met.

Community Partner Directory
Established LCCC Service Learning Community Partners are listed in this Directory and have their own organizational webpage. These pages are designed to showcase the overall information of a partner, list their official website link, a snap-shot of ongoing volunteer needs, and contact information. Faculty members and students can view this information and contact partners directly to get engaged.

Faculty Profiles
Created at the request of our current partners, these Faculty Profiles serve multiple purposes, but for our Community Partners they provide information that can assist in the connection of needs. Profiles list all of our current Service Learning Faculty members, the courses they teach, past project examples, and contact information. Partners can now directly contact current Faculty members to get involved in their student projects!

View more Service Learning resources including program Publications, Forms Library, and Service Learning Websites.

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