Stephen SasakGetting involved in student organizations transformed Stephen Sasak’s college experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

Sasak, 23, will graduate from Lorain County Community College with an Associate of Applied Science – Police Science degree in May.

Sasak originally attended a four-year university following his high school graduation in 2007. After 2008, the high cost of tuition was more than his bank account could afford and he returned to his Avon Lake home.  After another year of job searching, he planned to attend LCCC until he saved enough money to return to the university.

“I decided to stay at LCCC after I realized that this college fit my needs better than my original choice,” Sasak said.

With his mind made up, he went in “like a charging rhino, and not settling for less than a degree I would be proud of,” he said.

To enhance his college experience, Sasak decided to get involved on campus. He joined the Gamers’ Paradise club and began working for the Office of Student Life as a student worker.

“I have gained valuable job experience, learned new organizational methods and gained leadership experience,” he said.

Sasak is the first in his family of six to earn a college degree, but it won’t be long until other family members join him. His father, mother, sister and brother are all LCCC students.  He plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in Digital Forensics from The University of Akron’s ICAS program through LCCC’s University Partnership.

“Now that I’m graduating from LCCC and plan to continue on to the UP, I can’t imagine earning a degree anywhere else,” he said.