Division of Business

Professionals in accounting fill a crucial role in managing business, industry and government by providing financial information that allows sound business decisions to be made. Accountants may work in public accounting firms, for management consultant firms or in government. Accountants may also be self-employed and work out of a private office or home.

Accountants prepare, analyze and verify financial reports and taxes. They also monitor and plan information systems that furnish data to business managers who must make the best decisions for their organizations and who also must comply with government regulations.

Accountants may concentrate on  tax matters, consult and offer advice in specialties like compensation or employee health care benefits, design accounting and data processing systems or perform audits. Accountants who are management consultants are part of executive teams involved in strategic planning or new product development. Forensic accountants act as detectives who investigate complex financial transactions such as bankruptcies.

  • For detailed career information, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook:

Educational Opportunities in Accounting at LCCC

Associate of Applied Business in Accounting
This program prepares graduates for employment as accountants in business, industry and government. Many experienced accountants become owners/operators of their own public accounting firms. This program emphasizes the use of personal computers along with procedures of accounting.

Other Educational Opportunities at LCCC

  • Certificate of Proficiency in Entrepreneurship
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Office Assistant
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Word/Information Processing
  • Associate of Applied Business in Administrative Office Information Systems
  • Associate of Applied Business in Financial Services 
  • Associate of Applied Business in Entrepreneurship 
  • Associate of Applied Business in Human Resources Management 
  • Associate of Applied Business in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Educational Opportunities in Accounting through LCCC’s University Partnership

Hiram College
Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Financial Management 
Hiram’s Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Financial Management develops the student’s ability to evaluate, analyze, and critique business strategies and transactions based on a complex body of accounting, tax, auditing and cost management principles.  The Accounting and Financial Management major further enables students to recognize the financial and economic impact of such business strategies, use and develop financial models to assist in the analysis of business strategies, and effectively communicate the results of such analysis.For students who are not planning on careers in public accounting, the Hiram College bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Financial Management prepares them for a variety of careers in business, industry, finance, non-profit organizations or government.

The program is designed so that 50% of this partnership is LCCC coursework, and the final 50% is Hiram College coursework.  Hiram College courses are taught by Hiram College faculty either in person or via distance learning.  Students can complete the accounting degree in its entirety on LCCC’s campus.

Kent State University
Bachelor of Business Administration-Business Management (Optional International Business Minor)
Kent’s Business Administration (major in Business Management) degree provides students with credentials that are important to getting that first job in business as an entry-level manager or manager trainee. Organizations of all sizes and types depend on and need managers, including the small corner store, large department stores, accounting firms, retirement homes, manufacturing firms, specialty businesses, or larger international businesses. The program is designed so that approximately three years of this partnership is LCCC coursework and the final year (33 semester hours) is Kent coursework. Kent courses are taught by Kent faculty either in person or via distance learning. Students can complete the business degree with a business management major in its entirety on LCCC’s campus.

International Business Minor Option
Global business is fast becoming an important part of the U.S. economy. The world that college graduates are facing will essentially be a triad of powers (the United States and, perhaps, Canada and Latin America; Europe; and Japan and its Asian neighbors) and a “borderless” world. This suggests a need to be trained for employment that will have international implications. Whether the student takes a major in business, fashion design and merchandising, the hard sciences, English or education, some training in global outreach, cultural diversity, and “business cultures” will be necessary.

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