LCCC Athletic Programs Continue to Grow.

LCCC has eight sports available for its students to participate in. Four,­ men's soccer and baseball and women's soccer and basketball ­are club sports. Four, ­women's volleyball and fast pitch softball and men's basketball and golf are intercollegiate sports.

The move to elevate some of the athletic programs to the intercollegiate level is welcomed by the coaches.

"We're happy to be again taking the lead of providing a choice of athletics to serve our ever-growing student body. And that includes those graduating high school seniors and other prospective student-athletes considering where to continue their education," said Tom Szabo, men's golf coach.

Laurie Carlberg, director of LCCC's Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Student Life division concurred. "We are very pleased about the renewed interest in the sports programs especially women's sports and are looking forward to a continual growth in all the sports programs at LCCC," she said.

Club teams compete against other two- and four-year club teams and some intercollegiate junior varsity teams. The intercollegiate teams compete against other two- and four-year teams at the intercollegiate level. Athletes on these teams must meet eligibility requirements of the National Junior College Athletic Association.

Club sports were re-introduced to LCCC in 1999 in response to the community's request for athletics for LCCC students. This need had been identified by the College's Vision 21 process. Athletics had previously been a part of the rich student body experience at LCCC but were cut due to budget constraints in the 1980s.

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