Service Learning Advisory Committee

The Service Learning Program at LCCC has an Advisory Committee that is representative of all key stakeholders in Service Learning; Students, Faculty, Community Partners, Staff, and Administrators. Below is a list of the dedicated members of the committee.


Dorinda Smith                                    LCCC/Faculty, Social Sciences

Maria McConnell                              LCCC/Faculty, Business

Barbara Wilford                                 LCCC/Faculty, Allied Health & Nursing

Brenda Owens                                   LCCC/Counselor, Early College

Lisa Augustine                                  LCCC/Faculty and Coordinator, HPER 

Ruby Beil                                            LCCC/Faculty, Math & Science

Mike Zellers                                       LCCC/Faculty, Business-Information Technology


Selina Gaddis                                     LCCC/Coordinator - Student Life

Kelly Zelesnik                                    LCCC/Dean, Engineering

Cynthia Kushner                               LCCC/Director of Marketing

Marcia Ballinger                                 LCCC/Provost

Stephanie Sutton                               LCCC/Dean Student Services

Steve Sefchik                                      LCCC/Marketing

Deana Shook                                       LCCC/Connect2Complete VISTA

Alissa Bambarger                               LCCC/Connect2Complete VISTA

Community Members

Beth Blissman                                      Oberlin College Center for Service & Learning

Gwen Stembridge                                Lorain County Volunteer Connection

Community Partners

Frank Whitfield                                   Lorain County Urban League

Clare Cygan Young                            Leadership Lorain County

Jean Niedzwicki                                  Second Harvest Food Bank

Kathryn Carpenter                             Girl Scouts of North East Ohio

Barbara Piscopo                                  Lorain Historical Society/Carnegie Library

Lois Pozega                                         Family Promise

Project Team

Marcia Jones                                      LCCC/Manager Career Services

Susan Paul                                          LCCC/Library and Learner Services

Karen Joris                                         LCCC/Allied Health & Nursing          

Erin Corwin                                        LCCC/Career Services

Updated: March 2015