The Lean and Six Sigma Advantage

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Gain unprecedented profitability

Return on the Training Investment
Six Sigma Black Belt training at LCCC provided Joe Stilla with Parker Hannifin the skills and knowledge to see a return on the training investment.

"I implement my training daily, troubleshooting tactics to analyzing data. My training has improved my ability to solve problems and clearly work through a problem. This has led to improved production." - Joe Stilla, Parker Hannifin

What will a Lean Six Sigma Approach do for Your Bottom Line and Competitive Advantage?

In a world that's demanding speed and quality from business and industry, the implementation of Lean and Six Sigma principles can help companies achieve both while meeting customers' needs.

  • Six Sigma is an error and defect reduction methodology that translates to big improvements on the bottom line. It does this by eliminating process variability. Click here to learn more about Six Sigma training.
  • Lean is all about process speed and efficiency that likewise translates huge improvements to the bottom line. Lean is the elimination of waste. Please call for the current Lean workshop schedule. 

Lean and Six Sigma are tools that can be used to streamline processes and ensure quality results while reducing costs. These tools, when combined with the “voice of the customer” allow a company to achieve huge increases in productivity and customer satisfaction.

Companies that use Lean and Six Sigma have proven return on investments. Customers get better products and services, and become more loyal to your company and its brands. Costs go down, and employee loyalty goes up because everyone benefits from the Lean Six Sigma training and experience.

LCCC Lean and Six Sigma

All of these Lean Enterprise Workshops and Six Sigma Green and Black Belt Trainings can be customized to meet the needs of your individual company or organization. They are also offered in regularly scheduled sessions during the course of the year on LCCC's campus. You may choose the option that works best for you and your employees.

What do these programs offer?

Unique class schedules
Lean and Six Sigma Green and Black Belt classes are scheduled to provide time between sessions to work on your own projects so you can bring results to the next class for discussion.

Any program can be tailored to meet your specific training needs. A program to meet your specific needs will be developed with you by your on-site instructor.

Entire teams or departments can be trained together at your site, or on campus.
Consulting and on-site coaching is available.

Other Customers

These companies have taken advantage of our Lean and Six Sigma training:
Mittal Steel, Ridge Tool, Logan Clutch, Northern Savings and Loan, Allied Signal/Bendix, Invacare and Ohio Screw.

For more information, contact

Theresa Booth at (800) 995-5222 (extension 4300), or direct at (440) 366-4300; e-mail

These programs are offered by LCCC's Lean and Six Sigma Center in partnership with the University of Akron.