Though some might put cops and medics in different categories, Mary Bodmann, 20, Oberlin, will soon know how to wear both types of uniforms. Bodmann will be graduating in May and will be receiving two degrees from LCCC—an Associate of Applied Science in Police Science and an Associate of Arts degree.

Bodmann, in addition to her training as a paramedic, will soon be a trained police officer. 

“If somebody gets hurt, I’d be there to go and start treatment on a policeman or suspect,” Bodmann said.

Her interest in the medical side started when she was a kid. “My mom is a nurse and my uncle was cop for the Maple Heights Police Department. My goal in life was always to be a paramedic and a police officer. I have never thought about anything else.”

Training started early for Bodmann. “Before I decided to become paramedic trained, I was a PSEO student,” boasted Bodmann, a 2009 graduate of Firelands High School. “I really enjoyed the people here, and being able to attend college while still in high school.”

After high school graduation, Bodmann decided to continue her education at LCCC, which is now a family custom.

“Four of my siblings attended LCCC, why break the tradition?”
Bodmann currently interns for the Lorain County Nord Center in rape crisis. She functions as an advocate for women who have been raped or sexually assaulted by way of counsel through the rape crisis hotline or encouraging them to take the rape kit. She said, “I was scared at first, but I like it a lot.”

Bodmann’s academic career is not over, as she explained, “I am just two classes away from two more associate’s degrees.  Plus, I plan to attend the LCCC Police Academy in fall 2013.” 

Her dream job would be to be a K9 officer with the Oberlin Police Department.