Diane Papp is the costume shop supervisor at Lorain County Community College’s Stocker Arts Center.  She has designed and hand made costumes for Stocker shows for years.

Costuming is a true art form.  Papp has a deep passion for it and has always wanted to share her gift.  “The Importance of Being Costumed” is the work of Diane Papp.  It is a show that puts the spotlight on the costumes she has created.  “I was thrilled to do a show but I wanted it to benefit an organization,” Papp said. The Women’s Link Endowment Fund was chosen as the benefactor.

Women’s Link of Lorain County Community College is a resource center for women experiencing the challenges of life.  If a person needs help balancing home, school and work, Women’s Link is an on-campus resource.  “They do such wonderful work on campus with our students and out in the community,” said Papp about Women’s Link.  “I have always admired very much what they do.”

The show featured LCCC employees and community members modeling Papp’s treasure chest of costumes in front of a live audience in the Stocker Arts Studio Theatre.  “The costumes,” said Women’s Link Coordinator Tracey Maxwell, “were very elaborate, impressive and fun to look at in all the different eras.” 

“I had so much fun,” said Papp.  They (the models) had so much fun.  It was like playing dress up with friends on campus.  It was such a great opportunity and really, we had a blast.”

The event drew a capacity crowd in the theatre and “really raised the awareness of Women’s Link in the community.  It very much helped raise our profile,” said Maxwell.
“That’s the best part of my job,” she added.  “I know that what we do here has lifelong benefits for the people we serve.”

Papp is considering plans to take her costuming passion a step further.  “I would like to start a non-profit that benefits organizations and the artists that participate,” said Papp.  “So, over the course of a show, the artists work gets seen and the participants who are coming to see the work are in turn benefiting the organization that is badly in need of funds.”
If you are interested in what the Women’s Link has to offer, please visit Women’s Link at LCCC.