Social Science Curriculum at LCCC

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Social science careers are ideal for people who want to use their skills and efforts to bring value to their communities.  Varied career options, typically in public service, include social workers, urban planners, politicians, police and public safety.  With career in social sciences, you will help those around you and improve your community. 

Career Areas to Explore

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Teacher Education Programs

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Short-Term Technical Certificates

Short-Term Technical Certificate - Addiction Counselor
The Addiction Counselor Short-Term Technical Certificate has been designed to meet the needs of those persons who wish to help prevent substance abuse, counsel individuals and families with drug and alcohol problems, and perform intervention and therapeutic services for persons suffering from addiction. The courses include instruction in individual and group counseling skills, psychology of addiction, sociology, substance abuse identification methodologies, substance abuse treatment modalities, substance abuse prevention and treatment resources, pharmacology and behavioral aspects of abused substances, treatment evaluation, group dynamics, professional standards and ethics, and application law and regulation. A specialized practicum experience in the field of substance abuse is part of this program. The courses in the program meet the education requirements of the state of Ohio for certification as a Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant and may also be applied towards the Associate of Applied Science in Human Services degree.

Short-Term Technical Certificate in Justice Systems - Police Science
Lorain County Community College Basic Police Academy
The LCCC Police Academy Short Term Technical Certificate recognizes the student who has completed a core group of Police Science Major courses. This collection of courses will provide the student with specialized knowledge and skills to be prepared for entry-level employment in a variety of law enforcement positions. Lorain County Community College has articulation agreements with colleges and universities including programs offered by Lorain County Community College's University Partnership.


One-Year Technical Certificates

One-Year Technical Certificate - Police Science
The objective of the Certificate Program is to supply current information and knowledge to the police science fields to individuals already employed as criminal justice officers or persons who are preparing themselves for full or part-time employment in a local police agency.  The program is structured that the general needs of the student are met as far as practicable in a certificate program.  All coursework can be used to satisfy the requirements of the Associate Degree in Police Science.

One-Year Technical Certificate - Public Administration
This certificate is designed to provide current information about the field of Public Administration.  The purpose is to offer opportunities for individuals to learn how to be effective and efficient in work settings and roles in the public sector or in the non-profit organization.  Students who are already employed in those settings can sharpen their skills, acquire new skills and knowledge and participate in practical experiences that will be useful on the job.  Students who want to enter those fields will be able to acquire knowledge, develop skills to prepare to work in organizations and institutions or to serve in the public sector.  The certificate is designed as a stand-alone certificate.  However, students may apply credit earned in this certificate toward credits required to earn the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Public Administration.  Lorain County Community College has articulation agreements with colleges and universities including programs offered at LCCC's University Partnership.

One-Year Technical Certificate in Digital Forensics for Law Enforcement
The Digital Forensics for Law Enforcement certificate provides graduates the the skills necessary to enter careers that require knowledge and proper criminal investigative practices in digital forensics of computers, networks, digital devices, cyberspace, and associated equipment. Students are given comprehensive information and training in digital forensics and data recovery tools, practices, and proper criminal investigation practices. All course work can be used to satisfy the requirements of the associate degree in police science.

LCCC Police Academy
The course of instruction offered at the Lorain County Community College (LCCC) Police Training Academy will qualify the student to take the required Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission (OPOTC) certification test for the position of Police Officer.

Associate's Degree Programs

Associate of Applied Science in Human Services
The Human Services degree prepares students for entry-level social service positions.  Within the curriculum, students may select a human services generalist major or a major in gerontology assisting.  The Associate of Applied Science degree in human services prepares students for employment as case managers, childcare workers, program aides, mental health technicians, job coaches, outreach workers and social service aides.

Associate of Applied Science in Corrections
The Justice Systems-Correction program leads to employment or advancement in local, state and federal public and privately managed corrections facilities and community-based corrections programs.  Corrections graduates also find employment in the expanding areas of crisis intervention, post-incident care, personal and group counseling services, in substance abuse response, and with local, juvenile justice systems.  Lorain County Community College has articulation agreements with colleges and universities including programs offered by Lorain County Community College's University Partnership.

Associate of Applied Science in Police Science
A Police Science graduate could expect to seek and gain employment in either public or private agencies and organizations requiring employment of those with law enforcement, investigative and related backgrounds.

Associate of Applied Science in Public Administration
The Public Administration degree prepares students for career opportunities in social service organizations, community agencies, and in public sector positions.  Graduates of the program may find employment in city planning, non-profit organizations, community action agencies, human services, criminal justice, health services and other public sector settings, and in other entry-level or mid-manager level positions, as well as to conduct research.  Students will conduct research using the internet and basic word processing/computer skills.  The degree is designed to provide courses that will be useful in the workplace.  It will also provide persons in the public sector or employed in community organizations the opportunity to build on their work experiences and to sharpen their skills.

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
From Cleveland State University through LCCC's University Partnership
The study of psychology is concerned with explaining, predicting, and describing the thoughts, emotions, and actions of humans and animals.  A major or minor in psychology provides an excellent background for occupations in such diverse fields as business, education, and the social services.  A major provides the basis for graduate training leading to the pursuit of psychology as a profession in either the academic or the applied areas.

Bachelor of Science in Social Work
From Youngstown State University through LCCC's University Partnership
The baccalaureate degree with a major in social work prepares students for entry into beginning, generalist, and professional social work practice.  Social workers are employed in a variety of settings such as public and private welfare agencies, mental health centers, health care settings, educational systems, correctional institutions, and business and industry.  The Council on Social Work Education accredits the Social Work Program.  A baccalaureate degree in social work from an accredited degree program qualifies a person to apply for licensing in the state of Ohio.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Science—Criminal Justice
From Youngstown State University through LCCC's University Partnership
The bachelor of science in applied science with a criminal justice focus degree is designed for those students who have completed an associate degree in criminal justice.  The goal of the degree is to provide advanced educational opportunities beyond the technical scope of the student's associate degree.  The program provides students with additional knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will enhance their career mobility in the criminal justice field.  In addition, the degree program allows students to pursue further education at the graduate level.  The program is based on a two-plus-two concept where the associate degree courses provide the technical education for the first two years of the baccalaureate degree program.  The plus-two component consists of additional criminal justice core courses, a selection of multi-disciplinary courses, and general university requirements.  The general education courses can all be LCCC courses.

Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Management
From Cleveland State University through LCCC's University Partnership
The Bachelor of Arts in Public Safety Management degree is designed to address many different functions within Public Safety. Pursuing this degree will: equip public safety officials with additional management and communication skills to address the needs of their urban constituents; allow for in-depth study of community safety needs and problems, as well as providing; analytical tools for addressing injustice for those living and working in urban settings; provide access to faculty members with governmental and public management expertise; and prepare students for future career challenges in public safety services.

Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies
From Cleveland State University through LCCC's University Partnership
The Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies curriculum takes full advantage of its location in a major urban setting in fulfilling its commitment to urban education, research, and community service.  Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts degree program take courses and seminars dealing directly with urban problems and their solutions.  The program offered through the University Partnership focuses on Public Administration, the study of leadership, management, public policy, budgeting and finance.  The degree prepares students for career challenges in the public, private and non-profit sectors.  It is also excellent preparation for further study, such as graduate school or law school.

Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies/Public Safety Management
From Cleveland State University through LCCC's University Partnership
Students in this program learn about the cultural, political and historical aspects of urban living and the influence of these factors on the growth and decline of businesses and neighborhoods.  This program in urban studies is an interdisciplinary program, which includes a foundation in urban geography, urban economics, political systems and urban social issues.  Cleveland State's program in urban studies is well known throughout the nation, and its graduates are recognized as among the best prepared and most capable.  The public safety management portion of the program prepares graduates for careers in public-safety services.

Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies/Urban Services Administration
From Cleveland State University through LCCC's University Partnership 
This program provides a comprehensive study of the administration of service delivery, particularly in governmental and non-profit agencies.  The curriculum contains issues and problems confronting contemporary urban society and the skills and knowledge needed to administer programs that address them.  It focuses on the educational demands of those professionals currently working in the human-services field.  The urban services administration portion of the program develops leadership in urban policy development and administrative skills in human services for these professionals, as well as prepares students for positions in related fields.

Master's Degree Programs

Master of Science in Health and Human Services
From Youngstown State University through LCCC's University Partnership
The Master of Health and Human Services and Certificate in Health Care Management is a collaborative program between the College of Health and Human Services and the Williamson College of Business Administration.  The program accommodates students from health and human service professions who require the skills and abilities for supervisory/managerial positions or who desire competence in health promotion.


Master of Social Work
From Youngstown State University through LCCC's University Partnership

The 60 semester hour CSWE accredited MSW program includes theoretical and applied courses in social work and internship engagements under the supervision of professional social workers in regional social service agencies.  The program emphasizes advanced social work practice with individuals and families, the client strengths perspective, and social services leadership.  Courses are available at the Lorain University Center Saturdays.  One online course is offered each semester to accommodate employed students.  The three year curriculum includes course work only the first year and course work and internship engagements the second and third years of the program.


Public Administration

To learn more about Public Administration degree and certificate programs at LCCC, click here to view a slide presentation. Would you like to speak to someone about the programs? Contact Dorinda Smith, 440-366-7237.