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Urban planners literally help shape our future. Their work often defines the shape and quality of neighborhoods and of whole communities. Urban planners develop long- and short-term land-use plans and identify corridors for roads and utilities. In league with others, they assess ways to improve the environment and to lessen the impact of progress upon it.

Their work helps elected and appointed officials deal with social, economic, structural and environmental issues. Through research and planning, they devise ways for the best use of a community’s land an resources for residential, commercial and recreational activities.

They address issues such as traffic congestion, air pollution, and the effect of growth and change on a community. They may formulate plans relating to the construction of new school buildings, public housing, or other infrastructure. Some planners are involved in environmental issues ranging from pollution control to wetland preservation, forest conservation, or the location of new landfills. Planners also may be involved with drafting legislation on environmental, social, and economic issues, such as sheltering the homeless, planning a new park, or meeting the demand for new  correctional facilities.

Planners examine proposed community facilities such as schools to be sure these facilities will meet the changing demands placed upon them over time.

They keep abreast of economic and legal issues involved in zoning codes, building codes, and environmental regulations. They ensure that builders and developers follow these codes and regulations. Planners also deal with land-use issues created by population movements. For example, as suburban growth and economic development create more new jobs outside cities, the need for public transportation that enables workers to get to these jobs increases. In response, planners develop transportation models for possible implementation and explain their details to planning boards and the general public.

Educational Opportunities in Urban Studies

Associate of Arts
The associate of arts is for students who want to pursue bachelor’s degrees in urban studies by completing the first two or more years at LCCC. Students completing the associate of arts degree may transfer with junior (or higher) standing to the four-year university or college of their choice. The associate of arts is intended for students who wish to complete the first two or more years of a bachelor’s degree at LCCC in a program field such as Urban Studies.

There are virtually no limitations to the programs that can be pursued as LCCC can customize associate of arts programs to meet the transfer college/university’s requirements. The associate of arts program may be completed in two years, if taken on a full-time basis. Many LCCC students choose to study on a part-time basis. Students in the associate of arts program may also select electives, or complement their curriculums, by choosing courses from such areas as introduction to public administration, poverty and social welfare, human behavior and the social environment, introduction to urban studies and contemporary urban studies.

Other Educational Opportunities through LCCC’s University Partnership

Cleveland State University

Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies/Public Safety Management
Offered through the University Partnership at LCCC by Cleveland State University, students in this program learn about the cultural, political and historical aspects of urban living and the influence of these factors on the growth and decline of businesses and neighborhoods. This program in urban studies is an interdisciplinary program which includes a foundation in urban geography, urban economics, political systems and urban social issues. Cleveland State’s program in urban studies is well-known throughout the nation, and its graduates are recognized as among the best prepared and most capable. The public safety management portion of the program prepares graduates for careers in public-safety services.

Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies/Urban Services Administration
Offered through the University Partnership at LCCC by Cleveland State University, this program provides a comprehensive study of the administration of service delivery, particularly in governmental and non-profit agencies. The curriculum contains issues and problems confronting contemporary urban society and the skills and knowledge needed to administer programs that address them. It focuses on the educational demands of those professionals currently working in the human-services field. The urban services administration portion of the program develops leadership in urban policy development and administrative skills in human services for these professionals, as well as prepares students for positions in related fields.


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