Absorbent Materials developing a novel type of swellable glass polymer that is functionally superior to other types of materials used to absorb organic contaminants from water.

 Acense, LLC developing an acetylene gas sensor which is a low cost alternative to expensive mutli-gas sensors; targeted to the electric industry.

 ADAP Nanotech a new conductive adhesive for metals based on gecko inspired technology using vertically aligned, multi-walled carbon nanotubes.

 Addipel is a custom processor and additive supplier to the plastics and chemical industries.

 ADI Wind is developing a patent pending gearbox for improved wind turbine design.

 Akron Research Commercialization Group is developing a new class of silver-based antimicrobial agents for use in the treatment of cystic fibrosis.

 Akron Software is developing parallel computing for signal and image analysis at faster speeds.

 Alpha Omega is developing effective and efficient intervention and curriculum-designed interactive-educational software for K-12, GED, and higher education.

 AMIDAC Global safe and reliable, patented wireless ignition system for exothermic and thermite welding applications.

 Automation Project Solutions provides system integration and engineering services to the industrial market.

 *Banyan Technology is a technology development company that provides software solutions that increase efficiencies and effectiveness of transactional information management.

 Baseline Organics accelerated production of distillation-based beverage products using a controlled temperature and pressure environment.

 BizVeo educating and training through the effective use of streaming video accompanied with competency based testing.

 BodyPhyx creating a physical therapy device that allows for greater level of access to spinal therapy.

 *Brainwashed Software medical education software company that uses cutting edge 3D animation to teach difficult yet vital concepts.  Brainwashed Software previously received a level “A” award for prototyping and testing and is at the stage to move to the technology-forward.

 Caralon Global an ultra-thin, patent-pending, nanotechnology thermal barrier product called Nanotheca.

 * Carfolks.com is an automotive ratings and review program to assist consumers in finding dealerships with a strong customer focused attitude. Dealerships and their sales team members are rated for their performance, and all reviews are posted on the site.   Dealers have the opportunity to contact the customer and work to ensure the customer issues are addressed.

 CitizenGroove utilizes and innovative, patent-pending, digital music organization system to first enhance all artists networking capabilities, second to create a fun and easy-to-use music discovery engine for music listeners, and third to enable the aggregation and supply of critical music market data to industry professionals.

 *Clear Image Technology is a technology development company that creates image enhancement processing systems and intelligent software platforms (e.g. image processing software which allows physicians to significantly enhance the images produced by small fiberscopes) for use in multiple markets. 

 *Collabotive has a patent pending system, ReviewView.com, that incorporates a number of innovative collaboration technologies for managing consumer review and ratings from multiple independent websites that do not have the expertise or web traffic to offer this revenue generating, traffic-increasing feature. 

 COMS has developed Daylight IQ, a software-based care management system of integrated clinical and management tools.  

 *CutterCroix engineers software for small to mid-size contractors that is simple, economical, mobile, scalable, and delivered as a subscription-based web application.

 Dysphagia developed a device which restores the dynamic movement of the vocal folds, larynx, and trachea to protect the airway during swallowing and prevents food from entering the lungs.

 *Endotronix manufacture and sell implantable wireless pressure sensors to medical device manufacturers for integration into their existing medical devices.

 Enkari commercialization of Zen, a project management software product that applies lean manufacturing principles to software

 Equity Trust Company is a financial and securities management firm involved in the creation and management of self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts.

 ERIS Medical Technologies developing software to pinpoint where hospitals, physicians and other health care providers are not compliantly, comprehensively and accurately billing for all rendered services.

 First View Security developed a product to replace common door viewers, or peepholes, with an electronic system that delivers on-demand, high quality images for enhanced personal security.

 Fluence Therapeutics  commercialize photodynamic therapy technology developed and patented at UH and CWRU for the treatment of psoriasis and other skin diseases.

 Greenfield Solar manufactured a solar concentrator that uses an advanced technology for solar power.

 Hydrotube is a leading innovator and industry pioneer in the use of state-of-the-art technology in its bending, machining, and fabrication business.

 *Ideasunleashed is a technology company developing a web based business related to a series of programs which will provide a communication platform to a variety of users who desire to collaborate on issues of mutual concern.

 Inkren developing a web application that combines a new kind of handwriting recognition with an adaptive learning algorithm for practicing Chinese and Japanese characters.

 Invent 2day an invention strategy company assisting inventors with patents, invention designs and prototypes.

 Lake Effect Innovation helping innovators with market studies, opportunity analysis, business planning, and financials.

 Lifemedix a hand-held, manually powered intravenous pump for the rapid fluid resuscitation of patients who may suffer from low blood pressure due to shock.

 MedBed connect hospitals, patients and extended care facilities online with relevant, real-time information, improving hospital discharge and ECF admission for continuum of care services for patients.

Med City News (formerly Remedy City) is an establishment of a web-based news syndication platform for the delivery of medical news to media around the world.

 Military Products is a leading innovator and industry pioneer in military and aerospace tie-down, lifting and towing devices and assemblies.

 M.O.M. Tools developed a patented dual head punch tool for metal fabrication that dramatically increases tool life.

 Nanomimetics, Inc will develop, manufacture, and sell its patented polymer technology through commercial partnerships with chemical and polymer companies.

 Nautica Windpower world leader in the development of technology and intellectual property for the emerging offshore wind turbine industry; developed floating wind turbine.

 Nautilus Consulting is a leading innovator and industry pioneer in software technology and consulting for the medical industry.

 NeoProteomics developed a point-of-care medical device for the measurement of selected protein markers in urine related to early diabetes detection

 *NetSoft specialize in communications software that allows multiple computers to share information.

 News-2-You publishes a web-based current events newsletter to special needs classrooms, parents of special needs children, beginning low-level readers, and English-as-a-second-language classes through the use of written words and symbols.

 NexJen is a leading innovator and industry pioneer in oil separation patented technology and consulting.

 NGJ manufactures unique, low cost, high aspect ratio carbon nanofibers that fill a performance niche not available with vapor grown carbon nanofibers or spun carbon microfibers.

Princept is an engineering technology company concentrating on research and development of technology in aerospace.

 Radiocarb manufactures safer, less radioactive infant formula and nutritional products for children which prevents genetic damage; use of soybean and algae protein grown with low radiocarbon CO2.

 Rapid Charge Technologies developing and commercializing rapid charging technology for lead acid batteries.  The technology holds the promise of allowing lead acid batteries to be charged in minutes and dramatically extend battery life.

 *Recognition Robotics is a leading innovator and industry pioneer in recognition software technology and consulting for the robotics industry.

 ReQuisite cardiovaxcular balloons and stents with next generation drug-eluting coatings based on non-toxic natural compounds that provide rapid healing and limit long term complications.

 Rhenium Alloys is a high performance metals company and a leading innovator and industry pioneer in fabricated powder metallurgy rhenium, molybdenum-rhenium, and tungsten-rhenium alloy products. 

 *RhinoSystems developing a personal nasal hygiene device.

 Segmint software that will enable analysis of every aspect of a consumer’s spending habits from a wide variety of data sources.

 Sensor Development using nano-crystalline technology, produce & market a new versatile, gas detection system for mold and mold-based toxins in the agricultural industry.

 Seven Yaks Design fiber and metals artists.

 Sooth, Inc  developed technology that automates computer network management to provide a less costly, more stable and secure network.

 Streamlink Software Provides nonprofits with a web-based engagement, performance and communication management software system over the internet.

 Surgical Theater develops/manufactures/markets products that will equip surgeons with a 'surgery rehearsal' platform.

 Synostics is developing a biomarker-based diagnostic system for osteoarthritis.

 *T & M Technology Systems is a leading regional innovator and industry pioneer in providing a wide array of technology services to small and medium sized businesses.

 Thermalin Diabetes to develop and commercialize the next generation of insulin analogues with improved therapeutically significant properties for the treatment of diabetes.

 Thermedx to develop and commercialize a novel surgical irrigation device that will help to prevent intraoperative hypothermia.

 Turbotron specialize in Rotary Atomizers and air-bearings. Our cost effective approach for liquid application systems help our customers become more competitive and profitable.

 Vadose Research uses a patented process of thermal depolymerization to manufacture synthetic crude oil, gas and activated carbon using selected organic wastes as raw materials.

 Vadxx Energy development of a patented, thermal depolymerization process to convert petroleum-based organic waste into synthetic crude oil, gas, and activated carbon.

 VasoLux MicroSystems, LLC is medical device company developing next-generation diagnostic medical imaging devices. VasoLux MicroSystems is focused on improving patient diagnoses by providing objective and quantitative information to physicians that will assist them in determining the most appropriate therapeutic intervention.

 *Wireless Environments invents, designs, and manufactures efficient, long-lasing light bulbs using Light-Emitting Diodes (LED’s) as their light source.

 Zethus Software designed a new software solution for a  secure document management approach for unstructured data.


* Denotes Edison Incubator Tenant 

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