Social Sciences and Human Services

Faculty and Staff

Division Interim-DeanAdministrative Associate
Dr. Steven Hubbard
Ext. 4730, Room IL 111I
Patricia Ferritto
Ext. 7225, Room IL 111
Staff/Office AssistantsStaff Associate
Hayley Kotowski
Extension 7588, Room IL 111

Tula Ramos
Ext. 7583, Room IL 111
Emily Szilágyi
Ext. 7769, Room IL 111
Criminal JusticeEarly Childhood Education
James McManus
Ext. 7164, Room IL 111K
Kathleen Head, Ed.D.
Ext. 7167, Room IL 111L
C. Lucy Malakar
Ext. 7411, Room IL 211L
George Vourlojianis, Ph.D. 
Ext. 7165, Room IL 211O
History/GeographyHuman Services/Social Work
Valerie McGowan-Doyle, Ph.D.
Ext. 4738, Room IL 211N
Jennifer Kukis
Ext. 7419, Room IL 211D
Police Academy
Paul Graupmann
Ext. 7265, Room IL 111A
Michelle Foust, Ph.D.
Ext. 7377, Room IL 111B

Eulalio Gonzalez, Ph.D.
Ext. 7235, Room IL 111C
Vincent Granito, Ph.D.
Ext. 4707, Room IL 211J

James Jordan
Ext. 7878, Room IL 211K

Aimee Dickinson
Ext. 7876, Room IL 211F
Kwaku Obosu-Mensah, Ph.D.
Ext. 7166, Room IL 211G
Teacher EducationPolitical Science/Public
Administration/Urban Studies
Aldena Harris, Ph.D.
Ext. 4708, Room IL 211C
Henry Patterson
Ext. 7877, Room IL 211M
Children's Learning CenterEmeritus Faculty
Michele Henes
Ext. 7034, Room CH 119

Lynette Brausch
Ext. 8489, Room CH 114
Ralph Bishop

Mark McKinley, Ed.D.
Ext. 7233, Room PS 106C 
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Dorinda Masters
Ext. 7237, Room IL 111J